his tenure is the shortest of any British Prime Minister



Liz Truss – Picture by Ansa Foto

British Prime Minister Liz Truss has resigned as leader of the Conservative Party and will remain Prime Minister until a successor is chosen.

This was announced in a brief statement to Downing Street after the complicated weeks that led the country. The vote for his succession will take place “by next week”. The government “delivered on energy bills”, as well as “outlining a vision for a low-tax, high-growth economy that would exploit Brexit freedoms”.

But, adds Truss, “I recognize that, given the situation, I cannot complete the term for which I was elected by the Conservative Party”, explaining that I received the post of Prime Minister “in a period of great economic and international instability”.

Liz Truss remained in office as British Prime Minister for 45 days – the shortest term of any British Prime Minister. Opposition leader Keir Starmer, Labor, called for an election “immediately”.

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