“He’s my stalker”, unexpected live on Rai: “aggression” of a guest



An unexpected live stopped everything with a curtain of guests literally attacked. what happened today

On Rai Due, the unexpected happened during a guest who opened wide the eyes of the audience and the conductor. No one expected such a sudden assault on the balls of the “unfortunate”.


In today’s episode, Tuesday October 25, of Ore 14 with Milo Infante, there was a little unexpected event live. During the show, between the studio guests and those in relation, there were big topics of debate, including someone with the famous criminologist Roberta Bruzzone who was connected from home and the incredible happened in direct.

In particular, the conductor noticed a movement behind the criminologist: “Roberta, I saw that there is a guest”. The guest, slightly embarrassed, replied: “Yes, sorry, he threw himself on me and I’m having a little trouble getting rid of him, he decided he wants to stay here”. Unleashing hilarity and tenderness in the eyes of everyone present in the studio and at home, he told an anecdote about his life with his beloved cat.

Roberta Bruzzone, unexpected live: “He’s my stalker”


Live with Milo Infante, the famous criminologist Roberta Bruzzone added ironically that her cat really follows her everywhere: “No, no, this is my personal stalker! He won’t let me go.” The hilarity in the studio also served to dampen for a few moments the very tense atmosphere created in the studio due to the current topics discussed.

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