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Here’s what honey is used for and why: “incredible”



Honey is a sugary substance of viscous consistency made from the nectar of flowers (called nectar honey) or vegetable secretions (honeydew honey) by certain Hymenoptera insects, in particular the honey bee. Honey has an amber yellow color, more or less intense depending on the type of honey and, if subjected to refinement, it is used as a natural food or as a sweetener. There are different types of honey that can be distinguished according to the origin of the nectar (acacia honey, linden honey); according to the color (white, blond honey) and according to the extraction method (virgin, centrifuged, pressed honey).

Whatever their characteristics, one thing is certain: honey is a food particularly rich in beneficial properties for our organism, but let’s see what it is used for exactly. Honey is a natural antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory with an emollient and decongestant effect. The antioxidant properties perform a very important action by intercepting free radicals before they can cause damage or cause serious illnesses. In addition, they are effective in slowing down the body’s aging process and these properties are mainly linked to its color: the darker the honey, the greater its antioxidant value.

Thanks to the presence of hydrogen peroxide, honey opposes bacterial proliferation by exerting an inhibiting effect on approximately 60 species of bacteria. Finally, thanks to the presence of phenolic compounds and flavonoids, it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that promote the healing of damaged tissues and it has been shown that application to wounds can stimulate the healing process and regeneration. tissues, helping to prevent infections and reduce inflammation. Honey: remedy against stress – Composed of glucose and fructose, if taken before going to sleep, it maintains blood sugar in the right percentage: the liver will not work hard and the brain will not produce the hormone of stress, promoting our relaxation and the release of insulin.

Honey: purifying properties – Its purifying action for the stomach and the intestines has already been known for a long time, which is why it is recommended to dissolve a teaspoon of honey in an herbal tea in the evening. Curiosity: did you know that numerous studies confirm it as a superfood with infinite therapeutic and nutritional benefits? In addition, thanks to its beneficial properties, derived products, but more precisely beeswax, are used in the food sector to create ecological films and to wrap food.

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