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Here’s What Happens To Those Who Eat Tuna With Cholesterol: “Beware”



Cholesterol is nothing but an organic compound that belongs to the large family of steroid lipids. In our body, it performs various biological tasks and functions, which are very important, some even essential. One of its many functions is its particularity of being the precursor of vitamin D, male and female steroid hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, etc. When this particular substance circulates in our blood in higher concentrations than due, it is no longer considered a beneficial substance, but turns into a bitter enemy for the good health of our body.

Here’s what we can do to bring cholesterol down to levels that support our well-being. Like all of our body’s most stubborn adversaries, even high cholesterol can be defeated more or less easily by including certain foods in our diet and eliminating others. Indeed, those who suffer from hypercholesterolemia must follow a correct low-fat diet (be careful, do not create DIY diets, but rely on the advice of a nutritionist) this means that it is worth always better to avoid the consumption of all these foods if possible preserved in oil, including tuna.

It is probably one of the most widespread and consumed fish in our country, especially because of its excellent value for money, its goodness and its versatility in the kitchen. Tuna is sold both fresh in the fish market and canned in oil. The latter is very effective against hypercholesterolemia, in fact it is considered an excellent ally for all those who are trying to lower their cholesterol levels. Let’s see together what’s really in cans of tuna and therefore how it manages to lower cholesterol.

If we consider 100 g of well-drained tuna in oil, we should know that our body provides: 62.3 g of water; 25.2g protein; 8.1 g of lipids; 65mg of cholesterol. Tuna is a low fat fish but very rich in iodine, potassium and phosphorus. In addition, we find in considerable quantities polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3 series that contribute strongly to give beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, thus also determining a considerable reduction in total cholesterol and an increase in good, called with the abbreviation HDL.

Therefore, subjects with hypercholesterolemia, I can include tuna in their diet, but be careful not to overdo the amounts since, in this case, speaking of fish, we know that it contains relatively high levels of mercury , for this reason a high rate consumption could cause damage to our body.

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