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Of all the rooms that make up a house, the one that by definition is the most prone to the accumulation of bad odors is the bathroom. There are many housewives who try in every way to perfume it with fragrances that promise to last a long time, but in most cases the perfume lasts only a few hours. In fact, the basic element to ensure that bad odors do not accumulate is to keep the environment well ventilated. Our experts recommend seven tips for you to follow and apply to solve this problem: let’s see them together. Our grandmothers left us many things, including the use of fruit peels such as lemons or oranges to perfume rooms.

The trick is to place it on a heat source so that the different substances contained are released slowly. They can be placed on the radiator or on an infuser. Citrus fruits are just one of the things we can use in this way: other examples are cinnamon, anise and cloves. If we prefer more delicate aromas, our experts advise us to use dried rose petals. In ancient times they were dried in the sun, but if we want to speed up times we just have to put them in the microwave for a few minutes: at this point we just have to place them on a saucer and find a place for them in our bathroom. . The drying step is essential, because it allows to eliminate all the humidity that the petals contain naturally.

Another great plant to use to scent the bathroom is lavender. This can be used in different ways: the smartest way is to collect it and store it in fabric bags and place them in the drawers where the tablecloths that we use in the bathroom are stored. In doing so, in addition to always having scented tablecloths, they will perfume the environment. For the most creative readers, our experts explain how to make at home the aromas that can be used to perfume the bathroom but not only. Everything is very simple, just use a spirit like vodka, and combined with essential oils: put about 200 ml of alcohol and 30 drops of the essential oil you prefer inside a spray.

Experts promise that we will have scented environments throughout the day. Another valid ally for the fragrance of our home and, more specifically, of our bathroom, are scented candles. These, when placed in the bathroom, create a relaxing atmosphere very similar to what is usually found in spas. These are generally prepared from liquid paraffin and synthetic aromas: these two elements together guarantee a lasting fragrance over time.

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