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Having a scented home without smelling bad odors is surely the dream of each of us. But there are those who do the minimum necessary to flavor it and those, on the other hand, are continually looking for new and more effective methods to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time. Most of the perfumed products used contain essences of plant origin and it is therefore possible to select the specific plants to obtain that precise perfume. Among the most effective species in this regard, to have a pleasant fragrance, we find scented geranium, jasmine, eucalyptus and laurel.

They are perfect to be placed both inside the house and outside, on window sills to ensure correct solar radiation. One of the causes of the bad odors present in the house can be the annoying humidity which, in addition to particularly damaging the coatings of the building and all the furniture, certainly represents a considerable danger for our health. In this regard, there are specific products that, in addition to eliminating the humidity present, give a delicious fragrance to the whole environment.

If you don’t like using chemicals, this section is for you. Artificial fragrances can indeed be harmful to human health and moreover their effect does not last long. Surely a valid eco-sustainable alternative are all those natural products such as lemon (also in the form of essential oil or spray) and vinegar, both white and red. Finally, in order to keep the house always perfectly scented, it is necessary to prevent bad odors by adopting a few simple and useful measures. It is extremely important to disinfect the filters of our air conditioner very frequently, thus avoiding the proliferation of bacteria and germs.

Often, moreover, bad smells can also come from the trash that we are often forced to keep in the kitchen and in this case, it is very useful to use baking soda in the trash bag itself. But bad odors can also come from the drains and it is therefore essential to keep them as clean as possible, without underestimating possible obstructions. However, we must not forget the frequent cleaning of the refrigerator, the oven and above all, of course, the bathroom, paying attention to the pipes, the toilets and using special products that can help you in this cleaning mission.

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