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Here’s a simple trick to keep the toilet smelling fresh



The toilet is the sanitary appliance most subject to the release of bad odors, and for this reason, it requires special care. Unfortunately, even pipes directly connected to the sewer network can present certain problems, such as the rise of bad smells. In most cases, the latter depend on a basic sanitation tool, we are talking about the siphon. Let’s try to find out more about this object, in order to better understand each other. The siphon is a fundamental element for bathroom pipes, but in general for any plumbing system.

Its effectiveness is due to the typical U-shape, which is not at all random, in fact it is specifically designed in such a way as to allow the collection of a small part of the water in the handle (lower part of the siphon, where it collects the water). The peculiarity of this tool lies precisely in the fact that, thanks to the water deposited in this recess, it is easy to prevent bad odors that can rise through the toilet, in the form of foul gases, which will take very little time to infest the entire bathroom and surrounding rooms.

Sometimes however, the siphon could be clogged due to deposits of excrement or organic matter, such as shaving residue or hair (even if they may seem harmless, I can assure you that accumulated, they become a real haunt smelly bacteria). Moreover, it should not be forgotten that the so-called “ball” of residues can also consist of nails, cuticles, and small residues of soap, shampoo or detergents. Unfortunately, especially in large cities, the pipes are quite old and therefore it takes very little to clog them.

What we can advise you to avoid the creation of an obstruction is to eliminate a bad habit, which many practice, that is to say not to wait to go to the toilet 3 or even 4 times before flush. The most appropriate remedy to eliminate bad odors at the base is the use of a liquid disgorger or a common gel, which can literally “burn” the organic residues in the pipes, thus dissolving this enormous ball formed by the organic residues which will block the passage of water but not bad smells.

In this way, the regular and natural flow of water is restored and therefore the disappearance of unpleasant odors. Sometimes, however, it is not enough to have clean toilets, but perhaps to try to make a good impression on our customers. If this is your case, then you can easily count on the ability of a pair of extraordinary elements, I am referring to borax and lemon juice, which in combination can scent the whole room. Believe it, as simple as it is effective, try to believe it

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