here are the worst brands



What would life be like, especially for us Italians, if there was no tomato sauce? It is in fact an ingredient considered totally basic in Italian cuisine, a fundamental food for the many delicious recipes to be prepared, traditional and not. On the market there are really many different brands of tomato sauce but let’s find out together, thanks to a recent survey, which brands are the worst.

The tomato is that food that is not lacking and must never be lacking in Italian kitchens, since it is particularly useful for the realization of countless recipes ranging from the simplest and dietetic to the most elaborate and high-calorie ones. One of these recipes is the tomato sauce that you simply cannot do without if we are talking about lasagna, Sunday fettuccine, pizzas, stews and much more…from the mouth). A recent market study revealed that just over 60% of all canned foods on the market are tomato-based.

The magazine that conducted this helpful survey looked at the quality, whether there were various pesticides, molds, cleaning, and even the amount of salt present in 23 different tomato sauces. Obviously, the taste and flavor of the sauces were also taken into consideration, leaving the most loyal consumers to express themselves shamelessly with a personal but also objective judgment. At the end of this survey, a ranking was established to highlight which are the worst brands of tomato sauce that can be found on the market. The tomato sauce that climbed the rankings, finishing in the very first place was…. the sauces that our grandmothers prepare.

Yes, we know that homemade preparations are undoubtedly the best there are, those that always receive more than positive reviews from all tasters. In general, we refer to all types of tomato sauces of organic production, which are clearly the most controlled and best prepared, having as raw material products of excellent quality. However, two very good sauces found themselves on the podium, which passed all the analyzes with flying colors, which are sold at a very affordable price and which display all the necessary information on the label of the package.

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