here are the signs of the zodiac that are the most!



The line that separates caution from “fear” and excessive self-preservation is not so clear, so it is not so easy to confuse a risk-aware personality with a fearful personality. Yet overall the two traits are seemingly close, certainly parallel. Our species can be considered a lover of caution but at the same time is attracted to risk, but in most cases caution is also a sign of maturity and respect for the context if it is not known. The stars define the most cautious zodiac signs as those who “dislike risk”. Which are they?

They are very cautious: here are the most cautious zodiac signs!


Often considered cautious out of necessity, Pisces is by no means naïve and is not even particularly pessimistic: he is condemned to be realistic despite being a born dreamer. It’s the experiences that often make Pisces very cautious, even in situations they know well. He rarely exposes himself unless he is confident enough, and even then he is prepared to expect the worst in any form.


So careful that he seems if not wimpy, almost. He always expects the worst and is on average pessimistic, but this is also his way of protecting himself and preparing for the worst eventuality. On the other hand, he almost seems to attract problems in order to be able to solve them, but it is difficult for the Gemini character to be surprised more than once in relation to a specific context.

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The situation of Libra is different, who is cautious precisely because he knows all the contexts well and does not expose himself without reason. For this reason, the type of prudence that distinguishes him is undoubtedly linked to humility. He is the prudent sage, the one who often uses the word “but” and is almost always ready to leave doubts even in contexts he knows very well.

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