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Pomegranate is a typical fruit of the autumn season which is also widely grown in Italy. Its origins are in Western Asia, but along with the needs of the consumer, the culture has also arrived in European countries. Many consumers say they are hesitant to buy it, especially because of the difficulty in opening the fruit itself. This difficulty is given by the very resistant skin, which in technical jargon is called “coriacea”.

According to the stories of our grandparents, we are told that to open it to the maximum, it is enough to make a cross-shaped cut at the base with the knife. By doing so, we will get four quarters of pomegranate without having made too much effort noticeably useless. Others, however, recommend cutting it in half, but we’ll definitely have greater difficulty as we’ll almost certainly break the beans. Another method of eating pomegranate is to squeeze the seeds.

After having eliminated the crown, that is to say the white part, we will take the different portions of fruit and press them using the citrus press. By doing so, we will obtain a fresh and authentic juice in a very short time, with zero environmental impact and at a very low cost. Doctors nutritionists advise us to consume pomegranate daily in all its forms, since some studies have shown many nutritional properties and more. Even with this fruit, as with any food, we must not exceed because it could lead us to have serious contraindications.

The most likely is poisoning. the latter is manifested by headaches, drowsiness and difficulty breathing. Experts are keen not to alarm readers, as these are temporary symptoms and, fortunately, they do not cause irreparable damage to the human body. Despite this, it is strongly discouraged in case of gastric hyperacidity or acute gastritis, because the fruit is strongly acidic. It’s also good to check with your doctor if you’re taking blood-thinning medications, as they have been shown to inhibit blood thinning.

As mentioned a few lines ago, the pomegranate has great properties such as the ability to reduce oxidative stress, arterial hypertension and diseases affecting the cardiovascular system, but also blood sugar and inflammation of various types. The fruit in general is a real panacea for our health: it also strengthens our immune system and gives great elasticity to the largest organ we have, our skin.

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