“He will be arrested”: rebound, Raoul Bova reveals everything



Among the most watched fictions of the last season of Canale 5 television there was certainly Buongiorno mamma 2: Raoul Bova’s revelations about the second season.

Canale 5’s well-attended fiction Buongiorno mamma 2 is about to return with the second season: Raoul Bova’s spoilers on what will happen in the episodes of the series.

Raoul Bova solocine.it

Among Canale 5’s most watched fictions last season was Buongiorno mamma 2, the television series starring Raoul Bova and Maria Chiara Giannetta which was a huge success with the public.

The second season will be broadcast from next spring, although the weekly Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni wanted to go through the set in order to learn a little more about the plot and the events of the Borghi family and its members, to namely Guido and Anna with their four children.

The first season ended with an important twist, with viewers understanding through a flashback how Anna ended up in a coma or because she ended up outside the door of Maurizia Scalzi’s house, the childhood friend who was thought to be dead. .. for a fire. Surprises, however, will not be lacking even in the second season.

Raoul Bova on the plot of the second season

The main actor of Buongiorno Mamma 2 released the following statements regarding the plot of the second season: “There will be many surprises especially regarding Guido and Anna. He will face hardships, he will also be stopped “.

The actor worked with Maria Chiara Giannetta not only for Buongiorno mamma but also on the set of Don Matteo, revealing that he is incredibly good with his colleague, who, depending on the character he has to play, changes enormously to give the feel like a totally different person each time.

The words of Maria Chiara Giannetta on the Channel 5 series Hello Mom

Speaking of the second season of Buongiorno Mamma, which will be broadcast on Canale 5 from next spring, there was also Maria Chiara Giannetta, who in the fiction plays the role of Guido’s wife who ended up in a coma.

Raoul Bova solocine.it

These are the statements of the actress on Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni regarding the second season of the highly anticipated television series which had a huge success with its first season: “The story takes place between 1990 and 2013. You will see once more than that it is a very special series”.

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