“He warned her”: Vippo du Gf forced to remain silent | Yet another blow



A well-known competitor of Big Brother Vip was warned: he could not say anything.

For several months, Big Brother Vip has been talking a lot. The bullying case suffered by former Bim Bum Bam star Marco Bellavia was just the first one that sparked the hearing and the editorial staff. In recent weeks, viewers have witnessed various events, which have especially sparked controversy.

Alfonso Signorini at Big Brother Vip – Solocine.it

One of the first was a statement from model Sofia Giaele De Donà. The girl, in fact, said that she and her husband have a very special relationship: the two, as long as they are at a distance, are allowed to flirt and hang out with other people, as long as it is only remains a physical thing, without feelings. .

Recently, the influencer also got involved in the Attilio Romita case. The historic TG1 and TG2 reporter was censored by the show, as he confided in other roommates in the house that he understood one of the strategies used by the editorial staff to increase ratings. It is not yet known if the declaration of this competitor will have any consequences.

However, one of the characters that gets the most discussion is a girl. Both the public and the Vippos often talk about the bond he has forged with another competitor of the show. We are talking about Antonella Fiordelisi.

Antonella Fiordelisi, the warning episode

We are talking about Antonella Fiordelisi, who has forged a relationship with model Edoardo Donnamaria. He did admit, however, that he doesn’t appreciate some of her attitudes, especially when she seems to go out of her way to trigger his jealousy. Recently, the champion’s father attended an interview for Casa Pipol where he revealed a few things about the young woman’s past relationships.

The fencing champion in the past had an affair with Francesco Chiofalo, which unfortunately ended badly. He talks a lot about this story these days, but it seems, as his father said, that he is telling lies. The father explained that while the boy was busy shooting La pupa and the nerd sent a warning to his daughter.

Antonella Fiordelisi – Solocine.it

“When the good Chiofalo had to enter La Pupa and the Nerdy sent a warning to my daughter because he didn’t want her to talk about him. Now that she’s at Big Brother Vip, does he talk? I do not know! Antonella has obviously not sent a warning to Francesco now that he is in the Chamber, she does not lower herself to certain baseness”.

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