“He showed the incompetence of the staff”: gieffina blows up all the altars



A contestant present in the studio after leaving the most guarded house in Italy literally becomes a flooded river and pours all its poison with her voice broken by tears in the studio. And the host of the father of all reality shows, deeply irritated, responds in kind!

Storm in the studio of GF Vip due to the sudden revelations of a former competitor who can’t keep quiet… But Signorini, who is a man of the world, does not allow himself – certainly – to be intimidated and . ..

GF Vip Solocine.it

It was a very complicated live broadcast on Thursday October 6, for the conductor Alfonso Signorini and the two commentators Sonia Bruganelli and Orietta Berti. “Holding the bench” is Marco Bellavia’s story once again with accusations, recriminations galore, a very harsh letter from the same former competitor and many, many tears. However, it must also be said that there are not only tears but also a lot of laughter after the rather daring fall of the splendid Carmen Russo who is still very much loved by Italians. But there was also a very tense moment that literally blew up the studio and social media. and took place during and after Sara Manfuso’s intervention. The story of the facts…

Sara’s revelation heats up the studio

In the hours before the live broadcast, the woman had decided to leave the Big Brother Vip house, as already announced. Manfuso was – therefore – in the studio with the other eliminated, like Ginevra Lamborghini and Giovanni Ciacci. And when Signorini asked her to explain the reason for dropping out, she quickly pulled out the top hat, an episode that took place at home that left everyone speechless. Shocked and delighted. In practice, the woman, wife of politician Andrea Romano and successful columnist, said she was harassed by Ciacci and only laughed out of embarrassment. She also repeatedly pointed out that she was not taken into consideration by the GF since no one called her to the confessional.

Did Manfuso make it all up? Gentlemen hunting!

“I didn’t feel protected by the situation. You know my story, you know that I suffered violence… There was a heavy episode, with the man sitting next to me who touched my ass. He told me “Let’s simulate violence”. I laughed because I was embarrassed and ashamed. Nobody realized it, nobody called me to the confessional, nobody said to me ‘How are you’. sexual in the past. However, footage of the offending moment allegedly did not show Ciacci’s gesture and at that point Signorini kicked her out of the studio.

GF Vip storm in the Signorini studio goes wild with Sara Solocine.it

Giovanni Ciacci immediately appeared delighted and literally blown away by Sara’s version of the incident, and defended himself forcefully, recounting a completely different scene. In practice, he admitted that – by simple mistake – while running his hand over Sara’s ass, he immediately apologized and joked with Manfuso about the story which became a real case.

Alfonso then argued that “If someone touches my butt and I don’t want to hit them…Because you laughed, that doesn’t honor your story”. The woman – at the time – accused Signorini of ‘ignoring the scene and wanting to put her on trial’, while Ciacci erupted with elation, claiming ‘one lynching endured him, but not two’.

The tones continued to overheat and at some point Signorini spoke up in the general confusion that had arisen and dismissed Manfuso out of the studio in style and unequivocally. These are his exact words: “Sara, you could have found a better excuse to leave Big Brother… Go ahead and get out of the house and this studio, goodbye…”

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