“He lied to me too”, return to Gabriel Garko: his ex speaks



Gabriel Garko lived like a double life and had to lie to more people: the story of his ex

Gabriel Garko lied about his sexuality for a long time, finally choosing to come out. Before that, however, he was with several fascinating women in Italian show business.


Gabriel Garko is currently engaged in his challenge to Dancing with the stars where, alongside Giada Lini, he tries to give the best of himself and convince the jury. In the meantime, there are those who still talk about him through the columns of Corriere della Sera. Elvira Serra notably conducted a double interview with Imma Battaglia and Eva Grimaldi, the latter ex of the openly homosexual actor.

Even Eva Grimaldi then understood her true nature by meeting her darling to whom she is very attached today, but she first had a story with Garko. Speaking of the actor, Eva admitted, “I would have taken that secret to the grave. It wasn’t mine, it was Gabriel’s. It seems that even Imma was not informed: “Not at all. He lied to me too”.

Can female homosexuality still be considered a taboo? Imma Battaglia is sure: “No, if I think of the fluidity of young people. Maybe it’s still for old people. The fact remains that in LGBTQ+ politics the lesbian part is less present than the gay and trans part. And in politics after Paola Concia there is no one left.

Imma Battaglia and Eva Grimaldi, the story of their love

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Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battaglia retrace their story, starting from their meeting: “At the Gay Village, in 2008. I was with my ex-husband. They show us Imma from behind with her girlfriend at the time. Everything to say: ‘Imma Battaglia’s girlfriend is magnificent’. Then she turned around and I saw her for the first time. And I said, ‘It will be so beautiful, but have you seen Imma’s face?’ When we got back to Verona, I remember that at the first caress of my ex, I thought of Imma for three seconds. Then he and I broke up, two years later I went back to Rome, in a very difficult time for me, and I asked a friend of mine: ‘Come on, take me to the Gay Village, which I want let off steam with Imma Battaglia’. For me, she worked there and that’s all, I didn’t understand her role”.

Then comes September 2010 and Eva recounts the meeting: “When she came to me, I started crying like a fountain. That night we ended up eating fries and beer at a small table. And I gave him my phone number. Then I started stalking her: she entered my heart like a bullet”.

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