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HBO Max | Recently released blockbusters that are ALREADY on the platform!



Before arriving in Brazil, HBO Max was already gaining attention in the United States due to a bold move that sparked much controversy. Taking advantage of the heavy climate of the pandemic – which emptied the world’s theaters – and aiming to boost its streaming platform (which emerged by entering a zone of giants, see Netflix, Amazon and Disney +), HBO Max revealed that it would launch them all of its films (i.e. Warner productions for the year 2021 – although the proposal has already started in 2020) coming simultaneously in theaters and on the streaming platform. It goes without saying that the decision bought a brawl with the big American movie chains and the exploitation market in general.

In Brazil, the deal was different. Here, the promise was not of a simultaneous release, but of a very short window of time between the big screen and platform debut. So in the blink of an eye, less than two months after the opening of a great theatrical production, we could already be watching it on the gallery of the house too. So, in times that are still pandemic, when many don’t pay attention to theatrical releases like before, when we realize that the film we wanted to see will already be on the platform, ready to be watched in the comfort of our own home. , at no additional cost to the subscription.

With that in mind, we envisioned this new story with some of the biggest movies of 2021 (and also last year) that have recently arrived on HBO Max, wreaking havoc on rivals and showing the platform isn’t kidding. not when she comes to rally her followers. The conflict in the streaming war is increasingly fierce and we are the winners. Check out recent HBO Max gadgets below.

The most recent work of the highly regarded Christopher Nolan has been one of the most controversial during the pandemic. The film caused a stir because Nolan spoke out strongly against releasing the feature film on the platform. The director’s films are generally “events”, unique experiences in the cinema, which blend harmoniously the spectacle of the biggest blockbusters (always breaking a technical barrier), with complex stories and good characters. This is why it always ends up attracting the cream of Hollywood cinema. Precisely for the reasons given, Nolan insisted that Tenet be shown on the biggest screen possible, in theaters. Even the pandemic has not changed the opinion of the filmmaker. So the studio (Warner) complied with its golden boy, but ended up finding him unviable, after the film got the lowest value of the star director’s career. And anyone doubted it? So, Tenet also helped HBO Max bring the simultaneous release proposal to the fore. Now the film is coming to the platform in Brazil, where fans can experience the filmmaker’s 007-style spy story, of course, with heavy doses of sci-fi.

The top-rated blockbuster in the first half of 2021, the feature film premiered last month in Brazilian theaters and also around the world, and is already available on HBO Max for all to see. It’s an adaptation of a Broadway musical created by… yes, you understood correctly, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the big name in the industry today, responsible for the Hamilton phenomenon (available on the Disney + platform). In the plot, in a Latin quarter of Manhattan, reside very lively characters. The protagonist is a young bodega owner, in love with a beautiful employee of the local beauty salon, and dreams of earning money to be able to return to his country, the Dominican Republic. You can see that Miranda’s works still address the issues of immigrants to the United States.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Enjoy watching:

One of the biggest box office hits this year, it’s a blockbuster that took everyone by surprise. When we found out here at CinePOP about the hype the film was generating on social media, we were completely caught off guard. It demonstrates the strength of networks and how fans embrace certain films in totally unexpected ways. No one paid much attention to previous films in this universe, namely Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Godzilla: King of Monsters (2019); but it was not until the announcement of the first American film of the duel of these two true “legends” of fiction and the adventure of the seventh art that the public was unleashed. And now all of this hype can be checked out by those who haven’t watched it yet. What we can say is that they will not be disappointed. And they will have exactly what they expect.

Invocation of Evil 3 – Order of the Devil

One of the most beloved horror franchises for fans, Summoning of Evil seems to appeal to both types of horror fans: those who appreciate “horror art” (more heady and conceptual, more atmospheric-focused films). and the characters) and those who enjoy “horror shopping” (a more commercial and spooky movie – which functions more like a playpen toy). Invocation of Evil exists at an intersection, being praised by both types of audiences. But something worried this third chapter, which took four years to take off. James Wan would no longer direct, giving way to a filmmaker who had not done well with his previous work (The Curse of Crying). saying “invocaverse” generated copies that, say, “burned” the shared universe of the franchise – in addition to the appearance of the Warren couple in Annabelle 3 (2019). Now you can check it out for yourself and shoot the conclusion of the third evil invocation – which deals with no uveau of a “true story”.

One of the most interesting films of 2021 is this underrated thriller that slipped all the radar earlier in the year. With plenty of talent involved, the film stars Denzel Washington (considered one of the best acting actors), a two-time Oscar winner. Washington reached a point in his career where he didn’t get involved in any type of project, he must have really liked what he was reading. And here, the star embodies the kind of ailing, layered character that thrills great artists. The tragic hero is a disgraced police officer, who has been offered a new chance at redemption in the face of the case he failed to unravel years ago: the kidnappings and murders of young women in neighboring towns. From now on, a new agent of sensation is in charge of the case (role of Rami Malek), and after the obligatory friction, the couple will unite. Everything points to the service fool, played by Jared Leto (great flight scenes). It is in this spiral of insanity, extremely psychological, that the three men will enter and collide. Subtle and very effective, don’t expect the typical suspense of the routine. This is more about actions and reactions.

When it debuted in Brazil, HBO Max brought something special to fans. After all, there was no lack of fun to attract Brazilians too. And that giveaway is called Wonder Woman 1984. The blockbuster was another that sat in cinematic limbo for a while, unsure of when and where to debut. Its original release was slated for mid-2020, the time of the North American summer, when the big studios have always collided with their biggest releases. With the pandemic, the film was pushed back to the end of the year, and like Tenet, he opted for a big screen debut. At the time of HBO Max’s debut in Brazil, the platform delighted fans of the aforementioned blockbuster, which was used as the standard bearer for viewers’ signatures here. The film, of course, continues the adventures of DC Comics’ greatest heroine, starring Israeli Gal Gadot. This time, coming out of WWI, she finds herself in the 80s, where she has to deal with the loss and return of her one love Steve Trevor, and the emergence of two villains, the ambitious. Max Lord and the clumsy and jealous one. Barbara (a leopard woman), both linked to a magic stone capable of granting wishes.

Well, Wonder Woman 1984 wasn’t the only gift HBO Max brought upon arrival in Brazil. The platform brought one of the most anticipated productions by fans and which generated many memes and clamors on social networks. Friends is one of the most beloved comedy series of all time, and one that has the ability to be passed down from generation to generation, since its debut in 1994 (passed there before the Warner channel) in the 90s, those who saw it when the DVDs came out in the 2000s, or those who discovered it through streaming, its resonance has lasted for nearly three decades. The friends ended in 2004, and those involved moved on with their lives. But now we live in the age of social media and direct audience involvement with those who make art. So the current generation had made noise about a possible movie based on the series, or perhaps a new season. However, Friends came to an end, and the creators didn’t think it was worth continuing the story. So, the long-awaited Amigos reunion came about in much the same way that Will Smith promoted his reunion with the cast of Um Maluco no Pedaço. In other words, a meeting of actors and actors involved in front of the screens, in a documentary production, without having to start interpreting their characters again. It might not have been the original plan, but wouldn’t it have been great to see it on the big screen?

Finalizing the list, we couldn’t leave this item out. While in Brazil, HBO Max used the 1984 blockbuster Wonder Woman as its flagship product, in the United States, one of the strongest impulses for subscribers was the promise of director Zack Snyder’s version for the Justice League. Released in early 2021, the Brazilians had to wait for the nationwide streaming premiere months later to experience the 4-hour blockbuster. In the United States, the platform was already up and running and the new version of Justice League was the perfect boost to start the new year. Another production that wasn’t slated for theaters, Warner executives heard a movement that has grown and grown on social media to unleash the vision of filmmaker Snyder four years after our victory in rooms. One thing is certain, there is no one who has seen both versions and preferred the one that went to the movies.

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