Have you ever used bleach like this? “Mad”



When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces throughout the home, the first thing we think of is bleach. Whether floors, surfaces, household appliances, but also clothing or other personal items, it is certainly the most suitable solution. This is because its disinfectant power is certainly known to everyone, but there are so many ways to use it, some truly unthinkable. Let’s see which ones together. But first, it’s good to point out a few small recommendations.

We must always be very careful when using it and not abuse it, otherwise it could become harmful to our health, to the point of causing poisoning. We also recommend the use of gloves, in order to avoid any contact with the skin. Finally, in most cases, it is recommended to dilute it with water. Well, now that you’ve read all the warnings, you’re ready to discover several surprising and innovative ways to use bleach, we’re sure some of them weren’t expecting you at all. Bleach has always been an excellent ally to make our shoes white as new.

Especially if we often wear white shoes which, being very light, get dirty easily and unfortunately the stains are immediately noticeable. When you’ve tried everything, but the dirt still persists, you can use a little bleach. Here’s how. It must first be diluted with a little water, then just spray a little on a not too wet cloth and finally, rub the cloth on your shoes. If necessary, if the stains still do not disappear completely, you can also put them in the washing machine.

We can also take advantage of bleach’s bleaching ability on clothes, in fact, it will work as a real stain remover. In some cases, you can find particularly hard-to-remove stains, such as tea or coffee that fall on sweaters and shirts. If the latter are not of delicate fabric, you can prepare a solution with remarkable capabilities in a few simple steps. First of all, it will be enough to dilute the bleach with water (the water must be at least triple) and let the dirty clothes soak overnight.

At this point, put them in the washing machine and your stains will be completely gone, try them for yourself. Be careful, clothes can also lose color, so only use this method on white clothes. Bleach can also be used to disinfect brushes, you understood correctly. It would be a good idea to have your personal brush, but if for various reasons you have to share it, you can prepare a basin with lukewarm water and pour the bleach in it. Then let the brushes and combs soak for a while and then rinse them well. By doing this, you will get clean and sanitized brushes.

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