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Harry Styles started his career as a member of the late boy group One Direction, one of the most successful of all time. But it was only after investing in his solo career that he gained fans all over the world and, although he had only released two albums, he has already shown himself as a versatile artist who deserves our attention. Warning.

Today (01) Styles turns 27, and to celebrate his birthday and his growing and passionate musical art, we’ve separated a brief list of seven of his best songs.

Check out our picks below and tell us which one is your favorite:


Album: Harry Styles

The powerful and tragic ballad “Sign of the Times” is a mix of pop rock and glam rock which brings various influences from soul and indie. Influenced by 1970s British rock, a genre that would appear constantly in its future forays, the story revolves around a mother who has just had a child and goes through obstacles, always betting on the future of the child and hoping that she will achieve whatever she wants.


Album: Fine Line

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By way of opening for the astonishing “Fine Line”, the public is honored by the nostalgic and vibrant “Golden”, whose own title takes us back to the mid-1980s, for the subtlety of the synthesizers and even for the instrumental arrangement that accompanies the clapping vocals, transforming what might be more of a simple song into an energetic ode of soft-rock and pop.


Album: Fine Line

Another of the beautiful singles of “Fine Line” appears in the form of “Adore You”. Written alongside Amy Allen and Kid Harpoon, the track flirts with the funk counterculture and even with the astonishing and vibrant instrumentals of the classic record. Despite the formula’s theme, which is limited to romantic forays, Styles takes the reins of a well-told and extremely cohesive narrative that is transposed into one of the best music videos of the past year.


Album: Harry Styles

Although well received by international critics, “Kiwi” is not the first song that comes to mind when we think of Harry Styles – which is why it deserved more attention. The hard rock tributes bring in more mature themes compared to other songs, including verses about drugs, a femme fatale and a one night stand with a girl. Considered one of the singer’s favorite songs, the song also conquers us for its similarities with the aesthetic of the group Arctic Monkeys.


Album: Fine Line

In “Fine Line,” Harry allows considerable space for romantic soliloquy statements. The sad “Falling” may even sound familiar to anyone who has heard a love ballad before; however, it is the powerful weaving that helps us to continue this complicated and intricate journey, guided by an impeccable and metaphorical lyricism that branches out onto contemporary tracks.


Album: Fine Line

“Lights Up” took shape as the first single from her second studio album – and it was a safe, flawless, engaging and dynamic choice. Significantly change his artistic aesthetic and show that he didn’t think twice before daring. Celebrating freedom, self-discovery and empowerment, Styles epitomizes the new age with strength and proves to be a legitimate and necessary rock star.


Album: Fine Line

Despite the clear roots influencing the artist in ‘Fine Line’ it is visible that he refuses to get lost when it comes to aesthetic identity – something we see urgently in the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ dance. , which gets rid of the pre-programmed boxes without letting it fall into oblivion. In fact, its marketing is so original and nostalgic that it is impossible not to fall in love; and this addicting environment is also the result of the well-known help of Kid Harpoon (who took advantage of previous work alongside Portugal. The Man and Florence + The Machine to bring this abandonment to life).

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