Harry-Meghan, incredible indiscretion on the betrayal: the upset royal family



Harry-Meghan, incredible indiscretion on the betrayal: the upset royal family. The Dukes of Sussex are once again under the magnifying glass

In the past, the prince committed treason, which came to light after some time. In 2016, Carlo and Diana’s second son had an offensive affair.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (AnsaFoto)

They shocked the world with their decision to leave the British royal family for good. Compared to William and Kate, Harry and Meghan have evolved towards a breaking attitude, both towards the new King Charles III and towards the rest of Windsor Palace. The decision to move to California, to the splendid Montecito estate, allowed her to resume a “normal” life, away from the institutional spotlight. The birth of the two children, Archie and Lilibet Diana, brought their marriage even closer. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem like the perfect classic couple, both aesthetically and sentimentally. Yet all was not rosy and flowery, since there was also a very heavy betrayal between them. There is talk of the “adventure”, dating back to 2016, which saw William’s brother engage in an affair with model Sarah Ann Macklin. To reveal it, it is the book on Harry entitled “Conversations with the Prince” written by Angela Levin, biographer of the court and very close to the new Queen Camilla.

Harry-Meghan, incredible indiscretion on the betrayal: the prince had lost his mind for a model

Harry and Meghan had a moment of crisis (AnsaFoto)

The volume, released in 2018, has made a comeback these days. The writer has indeed yet spoken on this story, pointing out that Harry, then 32 years old, would have met the model at a private party. After falling in love with her, he set up a beautiful courtship, managing to snatch a yes. Subsequent outings, however, showed a substantial difference of opinion between the two, leading to a consequent distancing, before anything more serious could arise. The problem is that in 2016 Meghan was already present in Harry’s life and obviously, although not officially engaged, she did not take the story well. In any case, the prince managed to make amends in the best way, reaching marriage with what turned out to be his great love.

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