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Harry-Meghan, absurd background: it happened just before the wedding



Discover an absurd background concerning the marriage between Harry and Meghan Markle. In fact it happened just before the wedding: the details.

A new cyclone threatens to hit Harry and Meghan Markle. In fact, during these hours, a sensational background emerged regarding the marriage that took place between the two: it happened just before.

Harry MeghanAll the details regarding the background in between (via Ansa Foto)

Meghan Markle’s American life began over a year ago and with Harry she officially said goodbye to the royal family. In fact, the two moved to California and that’s where she lives away from the spotlight with her kids Lilibet and Archie. Despite the great desire to maintain their privacy, the Dukes of Sussex are back to work in show business.

On Spotify, Meghan launched her Archetypes podcast. Inside, Harry’s wife tells a few new details of her daily life every week. During the last episode, the duchess therefore wanted to talk about the mentor who helped her to carry out her social struggles during the period spent at court, a sort of mental coach who advised her not to give up activism after marriage.

Harry-Meghan, who is Markle’s mentor: he allowed her to fight social battles

meghan harryMeghan Markle and Harry Windsor (via web source)

Since joining the royal family, Meghan has always defined herself as a feminist activist, suggesting that even after her marriage to Harry, she would have fought hard against all kinds of gender inequality. Obviously, even during her time in court, she did not disappoint fans’ expectations and supported activities promoting the emancipation of women. So, during the Archetypes episode The Audacity of the Activist, he revealed that it wasn’t 100% his idea.

Indeed, his great there has always been a very influential woman in show business, who today has become his mentor. Although the Duchess did not reveal her identity, she still managed to arouse the curiosity of the public. In fact, for some it’s Oprah Winfrey, while for others it’s even Michelle Obama. So strong from her mental coach, Meghan concluded the podcast by saying: “I continued to work for them because it is important, but also because I had her to encourage me”.

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