Harry and Meghan hide a secret, they always do it under the duvet: incredible!



Harry and Meghan hide a secret, they always do it under the duvet: incredible! Unveiled a never-before-seen detail of their lives

Beautiful, rich, glamorous and always in the spotlight. We all think that Harry and Meghan Markle’s life in their Californian villa in Montecito is one continuous fairy tale and we then discover that in private they are the new Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello.

Harry and Meghan are hiding a secret (ANSA)

These are not “what a bore, what a beard, … what a beard, what a bore” scenes that the American actress told ‘Variety’ magazine, but almost. Because at night when they go to bed, under the covers they look a lot more like us than we can imagine.

Meghan made it clear: “Once we’ve put the kids to bed and played Wordle for a while, or done my ten minutes of DuoLingo… After those two things, if we turn on the TV, which is pretty rare, we’re like most people. Endless, endless, endless searches until you get so tired of trying that you end up not looking at anything.”

So we found out that the Duchess had a pun, tried to learn French well with a well-known online language program, and didn’t like TV programs. On the surface, therefore, a very monotonous and very normal life if you want to believe it.

Harry and Meghan hide a secret: a big project faces unexpected difficulties

In reality, however, Harry and Meghan continue to be full of commitments even if things don’t go as they planned. Because from the United States comes the anticipation of a blow that is about to strike their lives, an unexpected and also unpleasant change of plans.

Netflix indeed, after having signed a millionaire contract with the couple, is now taking a step back from the documentary to tell the life of the Sussexes. According to the journalist and Christina Garibaldi, Harry in the editing would have proposed some modifications to the docu-film, but Netflix would not have liked. Harry and Meghan, future in danger (LaPresse)

The risk is that the final product does not stick to reality, in particular to what the couple has said in several interviews in recent months. The project is therefore on hold even though the release was scheduled for December 2022. We will not actually see it until next year.

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