‘Harley Quinn’ Animation and Sex at DC Comics | Top 5 times when the editor was too “hot”



To paraphrase Perry White in Superman – The Return; Three things that sell newspapers: tragedy, sex and Superman

If there is one production of DC Comics lately that has no limits, it is undoubtedly the Harlequina animated series. The program, with an age range above 18, is not sure to show established characters in the midst of very violent or sensual situations. In this territory, there is no limit to the romance between Harlequin and Poison Ivy, Batman and Catwoman or Maxie Zeus and Nora Fries (ok, that last one is too wrong).

Even though the series can be uninhibited, there is still room for society to interfere in certain decisions. DC recently vetoed a sexual situation that would be part of the series’ third season and that would involve Batman and Catwoman. The argument presented is that superheroes don’t maintain these kinds of relationships… okay. With that in mind, here are five times these iconic characters had a blast.

5) Clark and Barbara Minerva (American Alien # 3)

In a post-Big Stars: Superman period (2005 – 2008) no story comes close, in terms of respect for the character, to Alien American. The miniseries came with the proposal to reimagine the origin of Krypton’s last child at different stages of his life, almost like an updated Superman: Four Seasons, where each age featured brings a Clark struggling to find. his place in the world and to accept himself. like an all-powerful alien.

Well, in the third edition there is a situation where Clark walks into a party on a yacht under a false identity and there he experiences the good life a bit; at the same evening, he meets a young woman with red hair and who can not help showing attraction to him. Things heat up and the two have a night of intense fun, although they both agree it was only a fleeting moment.

Superman and Leopard Woman are something that happened

It should be noted that the mysterious woman is none other than Barbara Minerva or, for close friends or fans of Patty Jenkins’ films, Leopard Woman; the classic enemy of Wonder Woman. Well, it’s a hot moment in the life of the greatest hero who happened to be with an enemy of his great ally.

4) Bruce and Dinah (Big Stars: Batman & Robin)

Frank Miller’s professional decadence is a very unique object of curiosity in comics. From the architect of the new movement started in the 1980s with Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, as well as the author of most of the best Batman stories, to an artist who constantly lacked new and great writing. It was around the turn of the century that Miller’s career really took off.

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First with the lame Return of the Dark Knight sequence then with Big Stars: Batman & Robin (the same series mentioned above with Superman). Here, he offered to give a fresh take on how the Dark Knight met and recruited the Wonder Child, not shying away so much from what was already established for this moment. The whole problem was that Miller delivered an abusive Batman with the young man, violent (blowing up a car for him is a hobby) and even sadistic.

Stop Frank Miller! Stop immediately!

That alone tastes bitter to fans, but the icing on the cake is when Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary, first enters history as a bartender who gets involved in a fight and ends up with his bar on fire. Turns out Batman was there, one thing led to another, and they both ended up giving each other in the rain, with the bar still lit in the background and the feeling. that Green Arrow didn’t deserve it.

3) Lex and Hope (Lex Luthor – Man of Steel)

Superman’s classic nemesis is one of the most complex characters in DC Comics, his hatred for the hero constantly mingled with a narcissistic urge to be worshiped by everyone. However, in the story in question, author Brian Azzarello demonstrated that the villain also has a hidden ability to fall in love, but not in a healthy or natural way.

Lex Luthor found himself in love with his own creation

The whole plot follows Luthor as he creates a new super being (Hope) in his laboratory to make her the new symbol of Metropolis; the one he can control. Things take an unexpected turn when the manager starts showing him feelings, as he never forgets that Hope was only created because he felt Superman was a farce and a return to humanity. .

2) Harley Quinn and Floyd Lawton (Suicide Squad # 3)

The crime clown is mentioned again since sensuality is one of his greatest weapons. However, this time she does not appear with the Joker or Poison Ivy but with the Gunslinger. Harley and Floyd aren’t exactly an unthinkable couple, and both being companions of Suicide Squad, it’s constantly pointed out that there is a sort of colorful friendship between them.

Harlequin and Gunslinger: a colorful friendship, pure and simple

This leads to the Third Edition of The Villain Squad where that aspect of their relationship is once again highlighted, but this time the publisher has chosen to show it more explicitly than it should have. The end result was a moment that, for all intents and purposes, quietly overshadowed the story presented.

1) Bruce and Talia (Batman: Son of the Devil)

Watch the former Bruce reappear, but this time at a still very iconic point in his career. In the 80s there was still no notion of Damien Wayne, there were obviously the Robins but not the little hottie. However, in Batman: Son of the Devil, a situation is presented in which the detective receives a call for help from none other than Talia al-Ghul, daughter of his enemy and at that time a complicated love interest, to let the detective help them. against the dangerous Cain.

Batman and Talia are one of DC’s most famous couples

Batman will then meet with the leader of the League of Assassins and at one point things heat up between him and Talia, reaching the point where the hero plans to join Ra’s heiress and establish leadership in the League. , even more after Talia confirms she is Pregnant. Things don’t go as planned and she tells Bruce that the baby is dead, which ends the relationship and everyone goes their own way. However, the final pages show that the baby is alive and has been offered for adoption, giving Damien a first glimpse of him.

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