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HalloweenNetflix | 10 movies to watch this Halloween



In exactly nine days, the world will be able to celebrate a new Halloween – known here in Brazil as Halloween and celebrated on October 31. But for aficionados of horror and the whole theme – even if it’s just a chilling simulacrum – the date celebrations start at the beginning of the month and last every day of October. To help you, dear reader, to get fully in the mood for this appointment that we love so much, we are going to start a series of articles with advice on films and series that lend themselves very well to watching and celebrated on this occasion of scares and goosebumps, but also a lot of fun. To open this year’s chronicle, we’ll start with the most popular streaming and always the first when we think of the format: Netflix. Check out 10 movies we’ve picked below to get you started the marathon by getting you into the Halloween spirit.

We start the list of tips with this real critical and public success, which is one of the recent releases on the Netflix platform. The film was already in the collection of Telecine and Amazon, but now it’s coming to Netflix and it’s definitely cause for celebration for subscribers. In fact, The Invisible Man was one of the last major cinematic releases before the Covid pandemic hit the world in early 2020. Aiming for Blumhouse and Universal Pictures, the feature film’s big idea is to pick up the horror story classic based on an iconic book of the genre about a scientist who develops a formula and becomes invisible, and brings it to the present day by mixing it with really bad and real subjects – like domestic violence and the physical and psychological abuse suffered by women in certain relationships.

Now the tip is from a Netflix original production, meaning it will never leave its catalog. It’s also a lighter and more fun movie compared to the item above. A mix of horror, comedy and action, here we have a different vampire story – that is, recommended for those who enjoy this subgenre in horror. The star is Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx. Have you ever wondered what the character of Blade, the vampire hunter, would look like if he had a regular day job to support his family and only functioned by hunting leeches partially during the day? Well, that’s more or less the proposition of this feature.

Enjoy watching:

This is another film that has already crossed several streams, such as Telecine and Star+ and has now fallen into the hands of Netflix. And it’s also another movie that came out at just “the right time” as the world shut down during the pandemic. Precisely for this reason, A Caçada was slow to arrive in Brazil, debuting directly to be watched at home. Additionally, the film caused some controversy when it premiered in the United States due to its absurd and extremely political plot. In the story, powerful figures of the liberal political vision – i.e. the American left – come together for their own “hunger games” where they hunt people they consider the “trash of humanity”, all stereotypes of the country’s conservative middle class, mostly “southern hicks”. Is it or isn’t it a work in progress for today?

Another Netflix original, which will never leave the home collection, it was a big hit for the company, and one of its biggest hits of the last year. So much so that new films on this theme and based on the series of books by author RL Stine are already being developed by the platform. Unlike the more childish Goosebumps (a fantasy horror for kids and teens), also created by the same writer, Rua do Medo is more like 80s and 90s slashers like Friday the 13th and Panic. In the plot, a small town is haunted by strange murders, which are linked to a legendary entity of a young so-called witch. A group of teenagers will discover at their expense that the legend is very real. The first movie is set in the 90s, the second in the 70s, and the third goes all the way back to the 1600s.

Whoever said that Netflix only offers modern content, the platform also brings works to nostalgic moviegoers – as well as to a younger segment of the public who is interested in knowing what has been done in terms of Hollywood cinema in Exactly 26 years after its release, this new cult classic tells the story of a quartet of young students who are bullied at a California high school. The four friends decide to venture into the land of witchcraft and the Goddesses of Nature, but they end up being intoxicated by the power they acquire and decide to take revenge on their executioners. In 2020, the same Sony/Columbia, alongside Blumhouse, attempted a reboot – without success.

Today, director James Gunn’s name is revered by fans of blockbusters and superhero movies. This is of course due to its very noticed incursions into the genre, both on the side of Marvel (Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2) and DC (The Suicide Squad). Next year he completes his trilogy at Marvel, but those who want to learn more about the filmmaker’s career and his origins in horror can check out one of his cult productions this Halloween – currently available on Netflix. In partnership with Universal, Gunn writes and directs this short story which pays homage to the trashy and comic horror of the 80s, for example. In the plot, a small town is turned upside down when large alien worms arrive on Earth in a meteor.

If you’re into zombies, you have to watch Zombieland. And if you’ve already seen it, Halloween is the ideal date to revisit this already cult work – and which, among other things, made the world discover the talent of the young Oscar winner Emma Stone. In a zombie apocalypse, few survivors roam the wasteland with one set of rules to survive. We follow the scared but very cautious young Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenberg. He meets the veteran played by Woody Harrelson, and soon after the sisters played by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. The charismatic quartet was so successful that ten years later they would return to Zumbilândia – Atira Duas Vezes. And Netflix as a gift is making both films available to fans. A perfect double for the date.

Horror fans and moviegoers in general should be familiar with Edgar Wright’s so-called “Coretto Trilogy”. There are three films written and directed by the filmmaker which mix together elements such as horror, comedy, suspense, crime and science fiction with no apparent connection between them, except for the duo of protagonists: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The former is the most famous and the only one not in Netflix’s current collection – Everybody Nears Dead, a sour English satire on zombie movies. The second is a play on crime thriller movies (also in the Netflix collection). But the one chosen for our advice is the least known and trendy of the trio. Hangover Heroes brings together a group of childhood friends as adults for the usual drinking binge they had in their youth. Everyone’s life has changed, with responsibilities and family, but one of them still needs it to feel alive, because that’s all they have left. There’s not much to say about what they’ll find, but House of the Dragon fans will recognize one of the friends as Paddy Considine, King Viserys from the aforementioned show.

We’ve come to our penultimate tip with a film that eschews horror a bit. Here we thought of bringing a little something for everyone and movie lovers who want to celebrate the date of halloween, but prefer something more realistic and without supernatural elements, can resort to this movie to watch on halloween. With Kevin Bacon, imagine if instead of taking on creatures from another dimension, the boys of Stranger Things had more real problems. Here, two childhood friends steal a police car they thought was abandoned. However, they run into a big problem when they discover that the owner of the vehicle is a corrupt and very dangerous policeman, Bacon’s role. In addition, the film is directed by Jon Watts, the new Spider-Man already at Marvel.

As we wrap up our Halloween movie tips article, we’ve picked out another very nostalgic request, one that many new movie buffs may not be familiar with. Like Young Witches, it’s a request for nostalgics who want to delve into the past on this date, and also for those who don’t know, to catch up on one of the most beloved and cult horror films of years. 80 in their repertoire – going back a little further in time. Like Young Witches, The Hour of Fright received a remake far short of the original, which is best avoided. The original is the right choice and mixes elements of humor and satire into its plot, when a young horror lover discovers his new neighbor is a top-notch vampire and weeds out the unsuspecting youngsters from the neighborhood. In this open war, he, his girlfriend and his best friend become the targets of the creature of darkness.

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