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Halloween Special | 10 Stars Who Started Their Careers In Horror Movies!



Who said terror doesn’t open doors? In addition to the genre making the career of several directors, producers, screenwriters and actors, it also serves as a ladder for the big stars to take their first steps.

Taking advantage of the hook of the month that we love the most (as good horror fans), CinePOP decided to create a new list for Halloween, featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest stars who started their careers in horror films. horror – some good and some of dubious quality (after all, who ever?). Come meet, don’t forget to comment, and also check out our first list below – featuring the 10 actors who started their careers in terror.

Halloween Special | 10 Stars Who Started Their Careers In Horror Movies!

Amy Adams

That’s no less than six Oscar nominations! But such prestige didn’t stop Amy Adams from starting her career in a low-budget horror film. A curiosity of the actress is that we can say that she began her career late, in 1999, when she was already 25 years old. And obviously, it took time to become a recognized protagonist. His second feature film is the horror Horror na Praia Psicodélica (2000). The idea here is even creative, and plays with a type of film very much produced in the 1960s, works on beach parties and surfing. The film mixes this contrivance with the slasher genre, creating an unusual piece of “terrifying”.

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Jennifer Aniston

In the spirit of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of the cult comedy series Friends, we’re starting the list with none other than Jennifer Aniston, Rachel herself. Before starring in Warner’s iconic series, the actress had a bigger challenge than making her laugh: scream! His first film at the cinema is none other than The Leprechaun (1993), a feature film which features an antagonist as threatening as Chucky the Child, at least in his stature. Here, a sadistic and demonic goblin begins a bloodbath in search of his beloved pot of gold.

Scarlett Johansson

Set to release two highly acclaimed films that could put her in the running for her first Oscar (Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit), muse Scarlett Johansson had a very satisfying 2019. Apart from the prestige of award-winning productions, she marked the presence in Avengers: Endgame, the film that became the highest-grossing film of all time, and said an emotional goodbye. And when I say fired, it’s because next year she’ll be releasing the Black Widow character’s first solo movie. Scarlett started her career when she was very young, and when she was becoming a beautiful woman, as a teenager, she participated in the funny Damn Aranhas (2002), about, well, giant spiders attacking a small town. She plays the sheriff’s daughter and her revenge scene on her boyfriend is one of the best in the film.

Kristen Stewart

Teen muse thanks to the success of the Twilight franchise, Kristen Stewart has turned around, participating in more alternative projects, intended for the cult circuit. He has worked with European filmmakers and even won awards. This year she returns to popcorn entertainment cinema with Charlie’s Angels, a reboot of the franchise based on the 70s series. Other than that, in early 2020 the actress debuts Deep Threat, a horror set on a of researchers in an underwater base who, after an earthquake, stumbles upon something in the depths.

Stewart is no stranger to the genre, and still a teenager, at 13, in her third credited work (the following year’s Panic Room), she took part in Devil’s Throat (2003), a film about a family in a house who hides terrible secrets – she plays the daughter of Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid. Older, at 17, now a star, she starred in Les Messagers (2007), also about evil presences in a large house where a family is moving.

Charlize Theron

Featured as the voice of Morticia in the new animated film The Addams Family, Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood right now. And she could be back on the awards radar next year, as she will soon be debuting The Scandal, a self-produced drama about a controversial case of abuse at a major broadcaster. American, with Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie also in the cast. Dating back to 1995, in her first film acting job, Theron participated in the trashy Colheita Maldita 3: A Colheita Urbana. The good news is that Charlize didn’t even have a name in the movie, listed only as “Follower of Eli,” and wasn’t credited for the work. But what she must really want is the long erased from her file.

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Immortalized in Elaine from the Seinfeld series (1990-1998), Julia Louis-Dreyfus found success again in this new phase of her career, managing to land in a new series as the protagonist. This is the success Vice (2012-2019), one of the most praised and awarded television productions of recent years. In the plot, she plays a senator who climbs in political life and becomes vice-president, and even president of the USA during seven seasons. As everything is not glamorous in cinema and television, before playing in Vice and even before Seinfeld, Louis-Dreyfus was taking her first steps as an actress and for that she chose a feature film for the cinema. And not only that, a horror that would become cult – not least because of its sequel considered one of the worst films ever made. Dreyfus was however present in the first, Troll (1986). Its sequel was released in 1990.

Angela Bassette

One of the most beautiful and representative actresses to pass through Hollywood, Angela Bassett has an important history, opening doors for black actresses in the United States. Her career began in the 1980s and in 1994 she was nominated for an Oscar for playing the iconic Tina Turner in the biography Tina – a film which won her the Golden Globe the same year. But like many Hollywood actors, veteran Angela Bassett began her career in a horror film.

In our list of stars who started their careers in horror, we talk about Leonardo DiCaprio still a teenager starring in Creatures 3. Well, Angela Bassett had already made many appearances in TV series and TV movies, but in film, his fifth work was on Creatures 4 (1992), the sequel to the DiCaprio film that nobody asked for. And not only that, before Jason X, the producers of this franchise decided to take the furry and deadly creatures to space, playing Alien, and Bassett was there as a member of the ship’s crew.

Renee Zellweger

Long forgotten in the spotlight and accused of excessive cosmetic surgery, Renée Zellweger gradually regained her place until she found the mouths of the mainstream media. After disappearing from film and TV for six years, she released Bridget Jones’s Baby in 2016, and this year she came back with everything, starring in the melodramatic series Dilema (which got a lot of attention), on Netflix, and is on the price radar with Judy, biography of the legendary Judy Garland. But before he exploded into stardom in Oscar-nominated Jerry Maguire (1996), Zellweger was in a horror production that gave him plenty of headaches.

In the other article, I commented that Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Returns (1994), the fourth film in the franchise, attempted to capitalize on Matthew McConaughey’s recent success in A Time to Kill (1996). Well, the same thing happened with Zellweger, featured in the same film, as the Oscar-winning actor’s tormented daughter. Like the actor, the star’s lawyers prevented the film from being reissued. It should be remembered that Renee is also an Oscar-winning actress (for Cold Mountain, 2004).

Rooney Mara

The youngest actress on the list, and with the least complete background, Rooney Mara’s feat is impressive, after all, how many actresses can be considered stars with a filmography of 34 credits, started in 2005. Eh well, Mara can, and already has, including two Oscar nominations (Men Who Didn’t Love Women and Carol). The same year she caught the eye of David Fincher and ended up getting a role in The Social Network (2010), Rooney Mara was the protagonist of Nancy in the remake of the slasher classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. The movie didn’t turn out as well as it should have, but before that, Mara got her start in a cast in another well-known horror franchise. In Urban Legend 3: Mary’s Revenge (2005), starring her sister Kate Mara and released straight-to-video, Rooney participated as an extra in the classroom, still credited with her first name, Patricia Mara.

Naomi Watts

Twice Oscar nominee (21 Grams and The Impossible), Naomi Watts has worked with directors such as Peter Jackson, Woody Allen, Noah Baumbach and given Princess Diana an inclusive life in film. The star will soon lead the cast of an as yet untitled Game of Thrones spin-off. Early in her career, however, she did not escape the horror of her resume. Like another high-profile mega-blonde, Charlize Theron, Watts was baptized by the trashy Colheita Maldita franchise, taking part in the following episode of Theron, Part 4, subtitled O Encontro (1996) – this one released direct-to-video. But unlike his colleague (who wasn’t even credited in his), Watts was unlucky and was the protagonist here. A curiosity is that years later, precisely a horror film would be in charge of turning her into a star, the American remake of The Ring (2002).

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