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Halloween HBO Max | 10 fun movies to watch this Halloween



In exactly two days, the world will be able to celebrate a new Halloween – known here in Brazil as Halloween and celebrated on October 31. But for aficionados of horror and the whole theme – even if it’s just a chilling simulacrum – the date celebrations start at the beginning of the month and last every day of October. To help you, dear reader, to get fully in the mood for this appointment that we love so much, we continue our series of articles with advice on films and series that lend themselves very well to being watched and celebrated. on this occasion of scares and goosebumps, but also a lot of fun. Continuing this year’s column, we now bring you tips from Warner’s Official Streaming: HBO Max. Here, however, the proposal is different from the others in this column. This time we’ve gone for lighter and more fun films, which, although they still have a Halloween theme and use spooky elements, can still be recommended for the whole family. Discover the 10 films we have selected for you below.

We start the list of nominations with a hot production, out of the oven (or out of theaters) this year directly on the HBO Max platform exclusively. The proposal is curious, after all, it is the first feature film starring the group Foo Fighters. The project was written by Dave Grohl himself, leader of the group, but it is not a biography. Despite all the schemers playing themselves, the story is purely “terrifying”, and shows the band isolating themselves in a studio to record their new album, only to realize that the place is haunted and full of ghosts and demons. .

Speaking of celebrities playing themselves, we have that proposal again with a vehicle for Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and their pals. Written by Rogen in partnership with Evan Goldberg, the plot shows a party at James Franco’s where half of Hollywood is, including singer Rihanna. To the misfortune of everyone and the world, in the middle of the party washed down with alcohol and other “cositas mas”, the apocalypse breaks out on Earth, with holes opening in the ground and demonic creatures walking around among us. It remains for a few survivors to protect themselves in such a mansion trying to survive. Pure and hilarious metalanguage.

Have fun watching:

It’s nothing new that Hollywood studios are churning out movies in exactly the molds fans want. In fact, Serpents on Board was one of the first “interactive movies” in this sense, where fans could have a say in what they would like to see on screen, and even create the catchphrase spoken by the protagonist Samuel L. Jackson in the key. stage. The plot is more than simple, but it was all fans wanted to see, namely: Samuel L. Jackson on a runaway plane full of snakes and snakes killing passengers. It’s an all-B joke that sounds like it’s straight out of a grindhouse show – but it’s made by a big studio with a big name and a respectable budget.

The idea behind this specific halloween advice article, unlike the others so far, is to present films that everyone can watch as a family, in this way the advice favors lighter films, aimed at comedy or drama. action, without actually being very scary. And here the indication is that of an animation which is the face of halloween. Produced by Steven Spielberg, the feature film tells the story of 12-year-old teenage friends living in a neighborhood where they suspect one of the houses is actually alive and is a monster. Just say they’re right.

Another animation trick, and that’s another Halloween movie. Well, when we say that the work is directed by Tim Burton, we already imagine what to expect, since a large part of the filmmaker’s filmography could be part of the Halloween theme. Either way, this was Burton’s first animated film, and the story is so strong it could very well be done with real actors. In the plot, a young man thinks twice about marrying his fiancée and ends up accidentally marrying the corpse of a woman, who comes back to life to tell her sad and tragic story. What’s cool about the film is the visual shift from the world of the living (cold, dark, and monochromatic) to the world of the dead (alive, happy, and full of color).

First live action movie (with real actors) based on the classic cartoon from the late 1960s, created by the Hanna-Barbera studio. Well, folks, you who are a fan of the character know that he was created before you were born, and who knows before your parents were even born. That means Scooby-Doo and his gang have been entertaining generations for a long time. And the universe of characters is another one that has everything to do with Halloween, that’s because Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and pop culture’s most famous Great Dane dog spend their days unraveling mysteries in scary places, always involving a monster. , ghost or creature – who ultimately turns out to be just a villain. The film was written by James Gunn and turns 20 in 2022.

In the late 90s, teen horror films, also known as slashers, were revived with the success of Scream (1996). Then came a veritable avalanche of titles, such as I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), Urban Legend (1998) and Halloween H20 (1998). One of the darker ones that went completely satirical (even without forgetting some creepy elements) was this Idle Hands. Among other things, the film served to introduce Jessica Alba and Devon Sawa (who the following year would star in Final Destination) as the lead duo. In the plot, a demonic entity takes control of a lazy teenager’s idle hand – and transforms into an evil version of “the thing”, the living hand of the Addams Family.

As said, the repertoire of films signed by Tim Burton has everything to do with Halloween – and the date is a good occasion for a marathon with the filmmaker’s works. Fits like a glove. So, we bring another Burton feature contained in the HBO Max collection, which is its first big hit. Beetlejuice, in the original title, is a traditional but very creative ghost story. In the plot, a couple dies after suffering a car accident and are trapped in their big house like two lost souls. A new family buys the property, and now they must find a way to evict them while they learn to be real ghosts.

Another classic of 1980s “terrir” production, this is a work that was born with a cult air. It all started in the 1960s, with a B-movie directed by the king of those works, Roger Corman. Then the idea that talks about a deadly carnivorous plant, discovered by a typical loser who works in a flower shop, was adapted and won the stages in Broadway shows in the early 80s. Brazil. This new version, in musical form, went in the opposite direction, returning to the big screen – directed by Frank Oz and with names like Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, Bill Murray and John Candy in the cast.

The first Gremlins takes place around Christmas, but uses elements that have more to do with Halloween. That’s because it tells the story of a father who brings his son a more than cute little creature from a race known as the Mogwai, which they name Gizmo as a Christmas present. This species of guinea pig with legs and arms has rules about how to be treated, such as not being fed after midnight or getting wet. Once he breaks these rules, he gives “breeds” to others like him that evolve into “lizards” with murderous tendencies. The mix of elements like humor, family-friendly adventure, and horror is typically straight out of the 80s, where we didn’t quite know what to feel. Gremlins was hugely successful, but the sequel was slow to come out – with a hiatus of nearly a decade. A third is expected.

Don’t forget to watch:

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