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The spookiest night of the year is coming, but why not spend it with a wholesome horror parody? The Simpsons has accustomed viewers to a cycle of horror episodes airing on Halloween night: the best – and the scariest – to pick up.

The Simpsons has been spoiling viewers for years with horror episodes perfect for Halloween, to the point of having launched a series of special episodes called Fear is Ninety, in the original language also known as Treehouse of Horror. These episodes were born as a true tribute to the scariest night of the year. Indeed, the plots have no impact on the current season, but plunge into supernatural, horror and often even science fiction atmospheres.

The simpsons

Over the years, the yellower TV series on the small screen has promised great satisfaction to the public. The new episodes of the cycle Fear makes ninety are contaminated with the world of anime and offer a parody of Death Note. The Simpsons episodes are available on Disney+.

The Simpsons and Halloween: the scariest episodes to catch up on

According to recent advances, the new set of Death Note-inspired episodes will see Lisa wielding the dreaded Dark Diary, whose power is to decide who and how to die. It will be his decision that will change the path of mankind and it’s all told with an anime-style graphic setting. It’s an interesting novelty for The Simpsons, who have always shown their chameleon spirit. With the horror cycle, indeed, the animated TV series has followed several trends perfect for Halloween.

The simpsons

Each season, in fact, reserves a space entirely dedicated to a horror episode, quickly broadcast on television as soon as October 31 arrives. Each episode is divided into shorts and features different horror stories, which usually serve as parodies for products already made in the entertainment world. For example, remember the episode I Know What You Did-Bellboy-Belly? It’s inspired by the movie of the same name starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, but chronicles the night Marge accidentally knocks down Ned Flanders and kills him. The family tries to cover up what happened, but someone persecutes them by intimidating them with the iconic phrase: “I know what you did”.

The simpsons

One of the most iconic episodes, from a while ago, is the one that features Mr. Burns as Dracula. Airing in 1993, Bart Simpson’s Dracula episode ironically revisits Bram Stoker’s iconic novel and Francis Ford Coppola’s horror figure. In the ninth season, exactly in the episode Covenant cook-easy, Marge transforms into a witch by revisiting the Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, accused of having dark powers only because her laundry is too white.

The simpsons

In season 34, TV’s yellowest family meets Stephen King’s It world. Krusty plays the scary clown who kidnaps children. In the 20th season, with the episode It’s the Big Pumpkin, Milhouse, the Simpsons remember Charlie Brown and the Peanuts; in this case, however, the pumpkin is not kind to children at all. And, to top it off, Homer sells his soul to the devil in season 5. For what reason? For a donut.

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