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Halloween Amazon | 10 sets to marathon this Halloween



In exactly four days, the world will be able to celebrate a new Halloween – known here in Brazil as Halloween and celebrated on October 31. But for aficionados of horror and the whole theme – even if it’s just a chilling simulacrum – the date celebrations start at the beginning of the month and last every day of October. To help you, dear reader, to get fully in the mood for this appointment that we love so much, we continue our series of articles with advice on films and series that lend themselves very well to being watched and celebrated. on this occasion of scares and goosebumps, but also a lot of fun. Continuing this year’s column, we now bring you tips on the second most popular streaming when it comes to format: Amazon Prime Video. Here we are going to focus on amazing horror series for you to marathon. Check out 10 series below that we’ve picked for you to start the marathon by getting into the Halloween spirit.

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Our post on tips for marathon series at Halloween time, i.e. late October, begins with one of the newest to debut on the Amazon Prime Video platform. FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling is one of the great heroines of pop culture and film, and was immortalized by Jodie Foster in the modern classic The Silence of the Lambs (1991). The character would survive another ten years later, with the sequel Hannibal (2001), in which she was played by another heavyweight actress, Julianne Moore. This time, it is the young Rebecca Breeds who plays the role, in the thirteen episodes of the series offered as a gift to the character. The story takes place in the year following the original film.

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Enjoy watching:

And you can’t talk about Clarice without talking about her counterpart, the cannibalistic psychopath, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who also won a series. Amazon Prime Video brings that double respect and a whole lot of dread and suspense. After Anthony Hopkins, who inherits the complex character, it is the multi-faceted Danish star Mads Mikkelsen. The show ran for 39 episodes over its three seasons, featuring the protagonist’s bizarre, shall we say, peculiar cooking antics and his witty duel in the game of cat and mouse with the agent of the FBI Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), his first major adversary. ., ahead of Clarice Starling.

Director Jordan Peele’s name is hotter than ever in Hollywood. And the filmmaker seems to be omnipresent, “machine-gunning” quality projects from all sides. Last year he was responsible for producing the new Candyman (our Amazon Halloween Movie Marathon recommendation) and this year he delivered the highly acclaimed No! Do not look! Going back a bit further, the same year he released Nós, Peele also got his finger here in this reimagining of the classic horror, thriller, and sci-fi series. And his version also gave memorable episodes.

As noted in the Halloween Movie Recommendations article on Amazon Prime Video, it’s hard to build a list with the theme without a Stephen King product — after all, a lot of the date is associated with the writer, considered the “King of Terror”. In literature. Here we have another of his works brought to the screen in the right way, here as an eight-part miniseries. James Franco stars as a teacher who finds a way around the 1960s in a restaurant and ends up being tasked with preventing the assassination of President Kennedy, but the task will not be easy.

Jordan Peele was so influential in his “race terror” niche that he ended up opening doors and starting school. In fact, if we didn’t know, we could very well think that this work is your production. Here, the filmmakers also use very real fear when crafting the terror into their story – much like Peele did in Lovecraft Country, for example, another of his TV productions. In Them (in the original), it shows a black family moving to a white neighborhood in Los Angeles, California in the 1950s – in a still very segregated America. And that takes away from this very real fear, from racism, its supernatural horror.

Here we have an anthology series directed by Ridley Scott. There are twenty episodes in total, ten in each of the two seasons. The first, set in 1848, shows two British warships trapped in the ice, leaving their crew at the mercy of starvation, forced to resort to cannibalism. In the second season, the focus is on Japanese culture and takes place during World War II, in a camp that hosts Japanese Americans in Los Angeles. There, brutal deaths begin to occur and may be linked to a mysterious supernatural entity.

One of the newest shows in the Amazon Prime Video catalog, it’s the world’s second spin-off created for The Walking Dead, from a reality ravaged by a zombie outbreak. Everyone knows the original series well and must be sick of watching it already – if not, it’s also a great choice, just have the courage to face its 11 seasons. That’s why we decided to recommend you the latest spin-off, which has only 20 episodes, two seasons and focuses its action on a group of teenagers who are the first generation to grow up in this scary new world populated by creatures. hungry for human flesh. But not only that, Amazon is also making available in its catalog Fear the Walking Dead, the first spinoff of the horror series – which functions as a sort of prequel to the original, showing how the walking dead infestation began in our world.

We also provide recommendations for those who like to celebrate Halloween away from supernatural stories and prefer more real, suspenseful mysteries. And if you like twists and turns, intriguing plots that don’t specify where they’ll go, this one’s for you. It’s worth mentioning that this show’s script was strong enough to catch the eye of star Julia Roberts, who stars in the first season, making the show the Oscar-winning actor’s first foray onto the small screen. The show is so mysterious it’s hard to tell what it’s about, suffice it to say that Roberts plays a psychologist who deals with the mental health of young soldiers returning to the United States from missions at the ‘foreign. She works for a mysterious company. In the second season, the protagonist is singer Janelle Monáe.

Based on the book by Stephen King’s son Joel Hill, the story blends terror and fantasy, in a tale about a young woman with a knack for leaping into other realities and universes. In this trip, she ends up meeting the scary Charlie Manx, a guy who also has a special gift, and uses it to feed on the souls of children. Thus, becoming a sworn enemy of the young Vic McQueen, role of Ashleigh Cummings. The villain is played by Zachary Quinto, who produces the series alongside creator Hill.

To wrap up the series’ Halloween tips list, we have a true modern classic, which has a veritable legion of fans – many of which include our dear readers here at CinePOP. Not every show manages to stay on the air for 15 years, but Supernatural, which chronicles the misadventures of two brothers facing all sorts of supernatural creatures, did just that. Prior to casting, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles starred in all 327 episodes of the show’s absurd 15 seasons, as brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. This year, spin-off The Winchesters debuted, focusing on the siblings’ parents during their youth. We won’t be masochists asking you to marathon those 15 years, but specific episodes to your liking – after all, there’s no shortage of repertoire and Amazon makes them all available.

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