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Halloween Amazon | 10 movie tips to watch this Halloween



In exactly five days, the world will be able to celebrate a new Halloween – known here in Brazil as Halloween and celebrated on October 31. But for aficionados of horror and the whole theme – even if it’s just a chilling simulacrum – the date celebrations start at the beginning of the month and last every day of October. To help you, dear reader, to get fully in the mood for this appointment that we love so much, we continue our series of articles with advice on films and series that lend themselves very well to being watched and celebrated. on this occasion of scares and goosebumps, but also a lot of fun. Continuing this year’s column, we now bring you tips on the second most popular streaming when it comes to format: Amazon Prime Video. Here we are going to focus on great horror movies to watch on date. Discover below 10 works of the genre that we have selected to allow you to start the marathon by putting you in the spirit of halloween.

We start the list of good deals for Halloween on Amazon Prime Video with a production that is one of the flagships of the platform for this Halloween. Released exclusively on the company’s streaming service, it’s the long-awaited Hollywood remake of the 2014 Austrian cult. In the plot, a mother and her two twin sons live on a rural property far from the city. The boys, however, begin to suspect that there is something wrong with their mother after she returns from facial surgery and she is behaving strangely. Especially when she needs to wear a mask to treat herself, preventing the little ones from seeing her face. The new version stars Oscar nominee Naomi Watts as the matriarch.

Cult classic The Candyman Mystery celebrates 30 years since its debut in 2022. To celebrate what is considered one of the genre’s icons and one of horror’s most important villains (due to its social theme ), nothing better than watching this tribute to the height, which mixes remake and sequel, and which Amazon brings exclusively to its platform. Respectful of the concept and creative, the production has the participation of Jordan Peele – the king of horror with content today.

Enjoy watching:

Speaking of Jordan Peele, here’s another Halloween movie tip from a director. Coming out of the comedy world, the filmmaker switched genres when he made his directing debut in this feature-length horror film that not only scared audiences around the world, but also became one of of the most appreciated films of recent years, adopted by the public and critics, reach the Oscars. Peele changed his genre, but he didn’t leave humor aside, and managed to stand out precisely by appropriating a vein of “social terror” improving it and raising it to another level. The subject here is racism.

It’s rare that we get a remake of a beloved production that actually works. Such is the case with the reimagining of one of the most popular horror films of the 80s, Child’s Play – the story of the hideous doll Chucky. The original 1988 film was so successful that it spawned no less than six sequels and is currently catching fans’ attention on the small screen with its own TV series. Before that, however, a new idea on the character was tried out, which may not have pleased everyone, but it was undoubtedly quite creative, following a different path from its predecessor.

Just when we think there’s more creativity in the slasher subgenre (teen movies in which a masked killer stalks young people), behold, a talented filmmaker continues to pull rabbits out of a hat. . Here, for example, what the directors are doing is taking the slasher formula and combining it with that of “time-repeating” films, introduced by Spell of Time (1993) – the genre in which the same day repeats endlessly. In this case, each time the protagonist is murdered, she returns to her point of origin, having to find a way to end this nightmare. A good choice for those looking for a “lighter” horror movie.

Going in the opposite direction from the above item, The Witch has nothing light on it, on the contrary, it promises to give you nightmares, being only recommended for those with very strong stomachs. At the same time, it may not be recommended for those who enjoy a more mainstream, “easy to consume” film. The feature film, although much adored by moviegoers, is not for all tastes and all audiences, as it has a narration deemed a little slower. Still, The Witch is a find and revealed filmmaker, Robert Eggers, who seems to have managed to extract nightmares and film them.

Produced by the popular Guillermo del Toro, this feature film is based on the book series by author Alvin Schwartz. The footprint here is almost childlike, something writer RL Stine would write about. However, they are works with great “Halloween” value that they contain. It is precisely for this reason that this first film adaptation of some of the books is extremely appropriate for the date. Stranger Things fans will notice the similarities and are sure to embrace this story of a group of teenage friends facing supernatural threats and monsters beyond scary.

So far, all the advice in the article has come from new productions contained in Amazon Prime Video. But young horror fans may be tired of knowing and watching these films. For them and for nostalgic fans who want to revisit, we bring here the recommendation of a truly timeless classic – that everyone should watch at least once in their life. Rosemary’s Baby, by Roman Polanski, is one of the most famous and influential films of the genre of all time, and it elevates the fear of pregnancy, present in all women, to its maximum. Is it a talking masterpiece?

It’s almost impossible to make a list of Halloween recommendations without a production that has a Stephen King touch – after all, the author is considered a true master of horror, as well as being one of the most famous writers. fittest of all time. Here, our selection fell on a film that fits more into the thriller genre than horror itself, as it has no supernatural elements in its narrative. The plot is so powerful that it has even been brought to the stages of Broadway and also in Brazil. King plays with his own character when he tells the story of a famous writer who ends up having a car accident in the snow and falling into the custody of his biggest fan – which becomes a big deal for the guy.

To end the list of tricks, we have another exclusive production on the Amazon Prime Video platform, which brought the feature to Brazil. A clear example of “terrifying”, this film bears many similarities to the British style of humor, i.e. a drier and more uncomfortable humor, especially the films of Edgar Wright. What many may not know is that the film is based on a video game. In the plot, a promising new sheriff arrives in a cold and snowy small town. He has to investigate strange happenings on the site and deal with the eccentric residents, to say the least. Events can be linked to the legendary figure of the werewolf.

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