Hacking and fines, another raid: users fined up to 30,000 euros



A new blitz of the forces responsible for online piracy, blocked thousands of users and heavy fines for each of them

This is unfortunately a constantly increasing phenomenon, above all due to the disproportionate costs of the subscriptions offered so far, especially in the sports sector, but also in the entertainment and cinema sector. No justification or pity: heavy fines for offenders.


Although Serie A came to a halt last Sunday, more and more people are choosing illegal streaming, also to follow the World Cup in Qatar in which Italy did not qualify. The costs of legal platforms are undoubtedly high, especially due to the diversity of the distribution between the league and the Champions League, as well as other sports like basketball, volleyball, etc.

Not to mention the entertainment. Some titles are only accessible on one platform, other titles on another until you manage to have several subscriptions simultaneously at unbearable monthly costs. This is the main reason that users choose cheaper but illegal solutions where if you get masked you will get heavy fines. Periodically, in fact, the forces in charge carry out checks that bring thousands of euros to their coffers for the number of unmasked users.

Online piracy, thousands of users unmasked: very high fines


The reality of the facts is one: that illegal streaming represents the cheapest and easiest solution that guarantees users the possibility of combining DAZN exclusives with those of Sky with exorbitant savings: often, on the annuity, you save up to 90%. However, it is also right that the responsible forces regularize the services and restore legality. New blitzes are taking place in recent months and users who rely on IPTV can incur very high penalties, with a maximum cost of 30,000 euros.

In more specific cases, there is therefore also the possibility of a prison sentence of up to three years. Beware of damage beyond insult, because these IPTVs are coming out in abnormal quantities, especially offered by web personalities: the best place to hit them from is Telegram. Some of them sponsoring the sale of IPTV packages turn out to be a scam.

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