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Guide To The Best Action Camera Flashlight 2023



Action Camera Flashlight

Nowadays, when the human eye is able to capture any scene they desire to store forever, an action camera flashlight is the source behind it.

With the advent of the camera came the features linked with it, i.e., the flashlight and the ability to click on any action taking place at any moment. 

This has been a major advancement, and the action camera and flashlight have evolved us into a better-captured world. 

Such a camera can fulfill our desire to be able to store precious memories as they appear to our highly pixelated human eye. 

Social media has raised competition amongst people around the globe as well. Sharing magical moments in your life is now possible thanks to the action camera flashlight. 

How to Tell an Action Camera Flashlight From a Regular Flashlight? 

You might be curious about how we can differentiate the action camera flashlight. Let us clarify the difference.

Unlike a normal camera, which might not have a bright flashlight to capture the right pixels. An action camera flashlight features a brilliant LED light that can be used in conjunction with the action camera.

You can use it either in the best way i.e., you can mount the flashlight on top of the action camera. The other option is that you can also use it without the action camera as a useful flashlight as you venture.

For your action camera’s high-resolution capturing, you need a reliable, quality flashlight. 

Since action cameras are small, high-quality gadgets, you can carry them with ease with the flashlight. The plus point is that both the action camera and the flashlight design you’ll get are waterproof. 

Since the action camera is not hard to carry, it can have a low-quality resolution in the dark or in low light. Hence, it’s essential to have a good-quality flashlight. 

The flashlights for action cameras are usually brighter and waterproof in design to support the action camera. 

The action camera flashlight has a compact design to complement the incredible camera. Thus, it’s necessary for memories to be captured through your action camera. Through the action camera flashlight, you’ll have the perfect, gleaming scenes.

What Does an Action Camera Flashlight Do? 

The action camera flashlight has an array of benefits that make it the best choice of camera. 

In these times, wherever you travel, you can share life with your family, friends, or followers on social media sites. An action camera flashlight is a necessity.

If you are a traveler who has a keen love for capturing the best of places, then an action camera flashlight is for you. Furthermore, if you are going on a sea adventure or are a deep sea diver, an action camera flashlight is the ideal source. 

With its flashlight, you can delve deep into the sea or forest and capture bright-quality pictures. 

This camera’s purpose is to be used for both special and mundane life moments.

Recommended Top 4 Action Camera Flashlights 

There are all kinds of the best options in the global market now when it comes to the action camera flashlight. Hence, we are going to make it simple for you and fill you in on the best 6 action camera flashlights now.

Let’s dive into the world of the best 4 action camera flashlights and their features in 2023.

GoPro Zeus Mini 

Go Pro Zeus Mini’s double rows of five LEDs will guarantee you luminous scenes with your action camera. This GoPro Zeus Mini is the best value, making it an affordable choice for you. 

This action camera flashlight has a simplified design too. With its magnetic clip base, you can attach it to almost everything. Because of its simple design, it can be mounted to not only GoPros but also other mountable devices. The device has an array of lighting mode options to choose from. 

Other than its brightness, the action camera flashlight has an easy-to-start option for quick processing. With GoPro Zeus Mini you don’t have to sweat about setting it in and out as it can be easily dismounted as well. 

The Go Pro Zeus Mini’s main feature, i.e., its mini LED lights, is reliable in all situations. The brightness levels are up to 3, which allows you to increase or decrease as per your desire. 

The flashlight’s battery life is quite powerful as well. You can use it for hours without worrying whether it’ll get dimmer. 

Let us fill you in on its impressive specifications.

Go Pro Zeus Mini Specifications

Brightness Modes: 4 levels of brightness from 20 to 200 lumens: Level 1: 20 lumens; Level 2: 60 lumens; Level 3: 125 lumens. 

Strobe Mode: 200 lumens results in a burst of up to 30 seconds for ultra-illumination. 

Swivel/Adjustment: The Go Pro Zeus Mini allows a 360-degree swivel for adjusting in any direction. 

Waterproof LEDs: The light is waterproof to 33 feet (10 meters). 

Battery Life: 6 hours of long-life battery. 

Go Pro Zeus Mini Weight: 3.53 ounces (100 g) 

Color Temperature: up to 5700K 

ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light 

This is an upgraded version of the old, reliable model. The upgrade brings with it top-quality light and design. 

This action camera flashlight has the perfect size for being handleable. It has a feather-light feel no matter where you carry it. This feature makes it an ideal action camera flashlight for adventure vloggers.

Its colour quality and illuminating light are sure to give you the best of natural scenes. The ULANZI flashlight is designed for close-range videography and has a high pixel count. 

Its design accommodates all DSLR cameras like the Canon or Sony, making it an ideal choice. Its major favourable point is its lithium power battery. The lithium-ion battery powers the flashlight for an extended period of time. 

With ULANZI’s various options for brightness and temperature, you can get your desired scene captured.

ULANZI VL49 LED Video Light Specifications: 

Color Temperature: Up to 5500K 

Battery Life: Lithium Battery 2000 mAh Max 6 Hours 

Brightness Modes: 5 levels of brightness (49 LED beads, CRI (Color Rendering Index) up to 95+) 

Light device that is compatible with both hot and cold shoes. 

Connection Joints: Three connection joints are extendible to include more capacity for light. 

Weight: 160 g Portable/pocket size 

Charging Type: C 

Suptig Waterproof LED Video Light 

The Suptig 84 LED Video Light has a top reputation when it comes to durability. This action camera flashlight is the brightest in the market due to its spectacular 84 LEDs.

Its lighting modes and colour temperature adjustments ensure that you have the best modes for any scene during the day or night. It’s especially built for those fond of documenting the underwater world. Its stainless steel body confirms a non-rustic life, no matter how long you dive.

It is compatible to work with all action cameras, making it an ideal companion flashlight for you. As a result of its versatile features and array of 84 LED lights, your activities will become more creative. 

If you are travelling in a monsoon region, you don’t need to worry about the rainy nights. With the Suptig 84 LED video light, you are

Let us fill you in on some of Suptig 84 Video Light’s major specifications!

Color Temperature: 5500K 

Brightness modes: 4 brightness modes (high light, midlight, low light, SOS mode) 

Waterproof LEDs: approximately 164 feet (50 meters) down, environmentally friendly LED lights 

Material: Stainless steel material 

Battery life: 3 hours in highlight mode, 5 hours in low light mode, up to 6 hours in average mode, and 9 hours in SOS mode. 

Lithium battery (2600MAH) 

Weight: 7 ounces 

Compatible with all SLR cameras, including those from Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, and others. 

The Suptig 84 video light works with all GoPro Hero cameras. 

VILTROX VL-162T CRI95 LED Video Light 

This amazing action camera flashlight is also one of the top picks on the list. Due to its simplicity and all the impactful features, it is a best buy. 

What makes the VILTROX a striking deal is that it’s easy to mount and handle as you carry it with your action camera. 

Whether you are vlogging or doing the opposite, i.e., studying or working on your PC anywhere. The VILTROX will provide you with the best dimming modes that you can customize to your liking.

It requires no effort to adjust; you can set it in any direction and on the action camera as you record or click.

The major detail is its 162 LEDs, which prove its brightness and durability. VILTROX is the choice to meet the demands of any situation where you need the flashlight’s intensity to be low or high. 

Above all, it has an incredible illumination setting option to choose from for more focus. With the Li-on battery, it has the power to keep recording for up to 30 minutes.

The action camera flashlight also comes with an array of interesting filters in red, white, green, and blue. Hence, this will make your shots all the more captivating. 

VILTROX VL-162T CRI95 LED Video Light Specifications: 

Brightness: 4 brightness levels with 160 LED bulbs 

Color Temperature: up to 5600K 

Flashlight power: 12 watts 

Adjustable hot shoe mounting 

Charging type: C 

Light Stand: A C-clamp light stand 

Swivel/Direction: The VILTROX allows 360-degree and 120-degree swivel options. Flexibility: Extendable slots for more flexibility. 

How Do You Choose the Best Action Camera Flashlight?

Apart from the ones we have listed above for your ease, there are some things to find before you buy.

Despite the action camera’s incredible uses, the action camera has tiny lenses, which can be unsatisfying in low light. This lack of clarity requires a solution, which is the action camera flashlight.

Weight of LED Flashlight: 

You should consider the weight of an action camera flashlight. The LED flashlights can have a wider dimension, which can make them hard to carry. A light-weight flashlight is desirable to buy so that you can run or dive with the action camera flashlight.

To go with your action camera, a compact-shaped flashlight can fit in any backpack. 


The action camera flashlight should have at least one or two sideways mounts. This is so that you can mount the flashlight and adjust according to need. 

Light mode settings: 

Light modes ranging from low to high should be available on a high-quality action camera flashlight.Moreover, the flashlight should have dimming options so that you can extend the battery life in emergency situations. 

The more lumens the action camera flashlight has, the better. 

A High-Quality Battery: 

The purpose of getting the action camera flash is to improve the video and picture quality. However, the longer the LED flashlight is used, the lower the battery life becomes.

So, it’s necessary to choose an action camera flashlight that has a sustainable battery. Examine the built-in battery’s quality and standard life. 


Filmmaking and photography have become lucrative pastimes in these revolutionary times. Moreover, adventure freaks who vlog or post their adventures on social media sites need the best quality captures. 

Thus, an action camera flashlight has become a desirable tool. With its illuminating light, the LED flashlight is a must buy. 

Since the action camera’s launch, it has paved the way for handy videography. Although, for adventurers who love it, it can be less useful in low light, such as under water or at night. So, the solution to that is the LED action camera flashlight.

To summarize, we hope our guide above was useful in assisting you in selecting the best action camera flashlight!

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