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Guide to Restoring Garden Furniture: Ready, Set, Restore



As the warm embrace of summer gradually fades, giving way to the crisp air of approaching winter, our garden moments on those wooden furniture pieces become cherished memories. Whether it be tables, chairs, or cosy benches, it is crucial to ensure they’re prepped and preserved for the next sunny season. Let’s delve into a brief guide on restoring your wooden garden furniture, ensuring it remains your outdoor companion for many summers.

The Initial Touch: Cleaning

Before diving into any restoration task, commence with a thorough cleaning of each furniture piece. A clean cloth with warm, soapy water can do wonders in wiping away accumulated dust and dirt. For those more stubborn spots of grime, a bristle brush or even a power washer could be the extra muscle you need to ensure a spick-and-span starting point for your restoration journey.

Smooth Beginnings with Sanding

Post-cleaning, sanding becomes your next step once your wood is dry and ready. Employing a robust sanding tool such as the Milwaukee multi-tool, ensures a smooth surface by effectively removing old wood stains and protective oils. This step is pivotal, as it not only smoothens your furniture but also prepares the wood to absorb the forthcoming protective layers better, enhancing longevity and durability.

The Protective Ensemble: Priming and Painting

With your smoothly sanded wood ready to go, the subsequent phase involves priming and painting. Applying a wood primer not only sets a solid base for your paint but also imparts an additional layer of wood protection. Following the primer, your chosen paint or stain comes into play. Ensuring a seamless finish involves adhering to the natural direction of the wood grain during application, maintaining consistency and visual appeal.

Safe and Sound: Storing Your Furniture

Your beautifully restored furniture now requires a safe haven until the next summer beckons. When considering storage, opt for a cloth or tarp cover if your items reside in a shed or garage. Implementing periodic cleaning even during storage minimises dust and dirt build-up, ensuring your pieces remain in optimal condition, ready to grace your garden when the sun shines brightly once more.

Your Garden Furniture, Preserved

Through effective cleaning, precise priming and painting, and mindful storing, your garden furniture secures a spot in many more of your outdoor memories. This cyclical care, from seasonal restoration to consistent storage upkeep, ensures your pieces not only provide comfortable, aesthetic outdoor settings but also stand the test of time, echoing the laughter and stories of many more summers to come.

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