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Guide: How To Reset Your AirPods Now Including All Solutions



Have you also been using the headphones technology of Airpods for a while but now are baffled as it’s not working at its full capacity as it is supposed to? Well, you don’t need to lose your mind about how to reset your Airpods as there are solutions to help guide you to fix your Airpods now. 

You don’t need to worry as we are going to fully guide you on how to fix your AirPods and what are the reasons and precautions you can take to avoid such Airpods damage or fault! 

So, let’s fill you in on all the instructions and details. 

How To Reset Your AirPods Now? 

In this age when the majority of the population has shifted from traditional wire headphones to wireless headphones with Bluetooth technology, AirPods are the new trend here to stay for the future. However, the AirPods can as with any machine require setup sometimes and that can be an issue if you are a beginner and using them for the first time i.e. not much familiar with them. 

This unfamiliarity with how to reset Airpods in case it is due to a fault requires you to have the essential knowledge about the settings of the Airpod and how you can reset it on your own at home personally without needing to spend extra expense on it. 

Airpods which is the manufacturing company of the Airpods itself instructs you to use the reset AirPods method for repair if any issue arises with yours. However, the question is how to reset the AirPods without any worry about whether the issue with your AirPods will be resolved or not. The way to reset Airpods is quite simple and does not require you to follow a complex procedure for resetting. You only need to check a few things and press one button to reset Airpods. 

Let us describe it to you in steps for an easier understanding! 

Steps To Reset Your AirPods Swiftly 

Apple has designed AirPods in such a way that you can reset them even if it seems a stressful process for a beginner. However, if you are completely new to the concept of wireless earphones like AirPods or you are using the Airpods 2 or 3 which are the latest versions of the Apple AirPods then you will need to follow almost the same steps. 

● Firstly, you need to put both the Airpod earbuds in the charging case that’s given to store and charge your Apple AirPods. Make sure that both the Airpod buds are placed correctly in the positions in the Airpod case. This is to be done to ensure that they are not connected and are closed securely in their position in the case. 

● Make sure to keep the Apple AirPods in the case for at least 30 seconds with the lid of the AirPod case closed to make sure they get inactive. 

● Then you need to focus your attention on your Apple IOS device which you use to connect with the Apple AirPods. You need to open the device such as your Apple iPhone you connect your AirPods with and go to its settings menu to the location of the Bluetooth option. 

● After tapping on the Bluetooth option to open it, you should see the device connected to AirPods Pro under the “My Devices” option! You will see beside the AirPods Pro a small “i” icon that you can tap on. 

● After selecting the “i” icon beside your AirPods device in Bluetooth, tap it open and select the “Forget This Device” option. As you select this option, it will remove and disconnect your Apple AirPods from not only this iOS device but from all the other iOS devices where your AirPods might be connected. The reason why your AirPods will disconnect from all is wherever you have signed in with your same Apple ID as in a similar ID, if you make a change in one, it will apply everywhere where that ID is signed in too! 

● Now the last step you need to perform for your AirPods setup is after choosing the “Forget This Device” option, you need to open the lid of the AirPods case and press and hold the button given on the back side of the charging case till the light on the case turns white from the usual amber colour. 

● Then keeping the lid of the AirPod case still open, you need to place the AirPods case near the new iOS device where you wish to newly set up your AirPods. Simply place the AirPods with the case lid open near the Apple device you wish to connect to and start the set-up process. 

How To Reset Airpods Without A Phone? 

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have an iOS phone with you, you can still reset your AirPod without your phone device to disconnect from.

The steps to reset AirPods without an iOS phone: 

● Just as you do in the reset process with the phone explained above, you will follow the same steps. You need to first position your AirPods buds back in the case to disconnect them and keep the Airpod case lid open. 

● As you keep the lid open of the Airpod case, you need to press the reset button given at the back of the case. 

● Now, you need to press and hold on to the setup button for at least 20 seconds to ensure the charging case glows light from amber colour to white! 

● This white light is a status change that signals that your AirPods case has reset your AirPods! 

● Now, when you have confirmed seeing the white light blinking from the case you can close the open lid of the case and your AirPods now will be reset without the phone! 

What To Do If Your AirPods Won’t Reset? 

Well, there are instances when even after following all the reset processes to reset your AirPods you won’t be able to reset them. Well in such a case, what you can do is not follow the reset instructions instead the reason lies in some malware issue in your AirPods. 

So, in the case where your AirPods won’t reset you can simply contact Apple support to gain their support regarding the reset issue. But, you will need to be aware of the accurate serial number of your AirPods as you will be required to disclose that serial number of your Apple AirPods to Apple support for help so that they can verify your AirPods! 

Last Word 

We hope the guide above is helpful enough for you to reset your AirPods swiftly and in all the possible ways you can!

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