Growth Market Reports Perspective on Ongoing Trends in the Pineapple Market



The pineapple is a highly flourishing commodity in the fruit market across the globe, apart from being a taste-bud enhancer and a highly nutritious fruit. It is a popularly adopted fruit in different culinary dishes, snacks, and drinks by a large number of food enthusiasts. This has gradually resulted in hotels and restaurants utilizing pineapples in different savories, owing to their tangy and sweet taste.

Production of pineapples is a robust agricultural business in several countries with tropical climates, which is a favorable climate for pineapple yield. Countries including Thailand, Indonesia, India, Costa Rica, and the Philippines are the countries with ideal climates to produce pineapples. These countries ensure consistent and quality supply for local consumption as well as exporting. These factors shape the bright future of the global pineapple market.

As per a report by the United Nations Development Programme, Costa Rica’s value of international trade of pineapples accounts for more than USD 2,000 million every year. The report also mentions that Costa Rica dominates the global pineapple market.

Ongoing Trends

Sustainability and Organics

Increasing focus on sustainable production of pineapple, as a result of customers’ rising concern on eco-friendly practices and adopting environmentally conscious practices. Such practices involve regulations on the use of chemicals and inorganic substances including fertilizers & pesticides. This further helps in reducing the environmental footprint.

In Various Forms

As a favorite fruit, people wish to have pineapple in various forms including canned chunks, juice, frozen, and dried pineapple products, as it eases the process of making dishes & cuisines and facilitates a convenient way of enjoying a delicious delight. Moreover, variations in the product availability cater to different lifestyle patterns and thus ensure year-round profit.  

Wellness and Benefits

Packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and bromelain, pineapples are a tasty healthy choice of snack. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties are the vital reason pineapples are applied in dietary supplements and health product flavor manufacturing. This increases the application range of pineapples, which in turn gives scope for product innovations.

Green Future

A large number of food packaging companies are focusing on sustainable packaging solutions to reduce the impact of toxic waste on the planet. Innovative and sustainable package manufacturing promotes responsible disposal techniques, which helps the pineapple market to sustain and create a green impact in the future.

Growing Trade and Exports

The pineapple-producing countries heavily depend on exports and trade with international countries, to maintain quality standards and revenue generation. This regulates the market operations and helps in smooth trade practices. However, better logistics and packaging to ensure top quality and prevent damage, crushing, and cuts play an important role in the supply chain of the market.

Summing Up

Considering the above trends and ongoings in the pineapple market, we can agree that with a handful of countries producing quality pineapples to serving them across the globe, the opportunities in the market are sweet. A study reports that the pineapple market is projected to grow more than USD 36,809.1 Mn by 2028. However, various types of pineapples including cayenne pineapple, red Spanish pineapple, and cayenne pineapple are widely used in different food products across the world.

Several novel techniques such as vacuum frying technology, where food is fried under vacuum conditions to reduce fat content as compared to deep oil frying. This technology prevents nutrition deterioration caused by high temperatures in conventional frying methods. Thus, such techniques are likely to create new growth opportunities for the key players in the market.

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