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Grey’s Anatomy’s 10 Saddest Deaths



Grey’s Anatomy, one of the longest-running television series of all time, has reached its nineteenth season and still shows no signs of stopping. And he certainly owes his notoriety to the death of most of the characters beloved by the public.

One thing that makes this series such a remarkably interesting medical drama is the ups and downs of each episode’s storylines. Viewers are driven to bond and connect with the characters, sharing their empathetic strength and emotional experiences.

That’s why as soon as a character dies, even secondary, this news causes a sensation and drives fans crazy. In fact, there are plenty of examples of much-loved characters coming to the end of their story with death, most often brutal and imaginative. Here are 10 of the saddest and most tragic deaths in Grey’s Anatomy history.

Grey's Anatomy - morti - solocine.itScene from the series “Grey’s Anatomy” –

Here is a list of the most mourned deaths by fans of the series according to us.

Reed Adamson

Reed Adamson was only on the show for one season and was one of the new residents who came to Mercy West during the merge. While she hasn’t been on the show for too long, her sudden death shocked viewers: she was the first shooting victim in season 6, episode 23, Sanctuary. Reed was going about her daily business when she was killed in the supply room. An unexpected turn of events.

Adele Webber

Adele Webber- dead- solocine.itAdele Webber –

Adele’s death came at the end of her character’s storyline: she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Webber realizes his wife needs full-time care at a residential facility, and Adele meets a new man there. To spare her the anguish and not confuse her further, her husband stops visiting her there. On another character’s wedding day, Miranda Bailey, a call comes in that Adele has fallen ill.

Bailey puts his marriage on hold for five hours to go there to take care of the woman. Despite the delay, the marriage would continue soon after and Bailey remarried, followed soon after by Webber. Viewers don’t see Adele die, but there is a scene where her husband tells Meredith that his wife is gone as he watches Bailey dance her first wedding dance with tears streaming down his face. Adele’s death occurs in episode 10 of the ninth season.

Dylan Young

Perhaps this character is unknown to most and may have gone unnoticed, but Grey’s Anatomy fans will remember the scene of his death. Meredith removes a bomb from the body of a patient who built a pipe bomb that remained embedded in her body. The operation is supervised by Dylan Young, a deminer. Onlookers saw Meredith gently lifting the device from the patient’s body while wearing a bomb vest.

As he passes the item to Dylan, we hold our breath, sympathizing at the scene where the bomb could go off at any moment. When the bomb isn’t set off, you breathe a sigh of relief, but as soon as Dylan gets to the door, it explodes. This scene takes place in episode 17 of the second season and is considered one of the most memorable and also the saddest and most brutal of the television series.

Denny Duquette JR.

He dies in episode 27 of the second season. He was a terminally ill patient cared for by Dr. Izzy Stephens: the spark bursts between the two and she falls madly in love with him. She had sat by his bed for hours and supported him in all his challenges. It was a miracle that he survived despite the illness and fans thought the danger was over.

But Izzy comes home to change at home to change her dress and Denny developed a blood clot and died while she was away. When the doctor returns from the hospital, she is shocked to hear the news, especially she is traumatized by the fact that she had not been there. She then stays in her bed until taken away by a colleague. Denny will return twice as a ghost.

Henry Burton

In season 8, episode 10, viewers watched the death of Teddy’s husband, Henry Burton. Although it was a marriage of convenience, to obtain medical insurance and receive treatment for his chronic illness, the couple ultimately fell head over heels in love: a genuine and true feeling. Herny, with the public’s approval, was deemed a fundamental character for the development of that of Teddy.

When she falls ill, her husband asks Christina to operate on him but the identity of the patient is hidden from him. When she dies on the operating table and the doctor finds out who she is, she is devastated. Things get worse when Christina then has to join Teddy in another operating room to complete a difficult operation without telling Teddy that her husband was dead.

Henry Burton- morte- solocine.itHenry Burton –

Lexie Gray

Meredith- death of Leslie- solocine.itPlane crash –

Doctors at the hospital have been involved in serious incidents throughout the series. One of the biggest was the plane crash involving Meredith, Derek and Christina, Lexie, Mark and Arizona. However, the plane’s tail lands on Lexie, crushing her legs and pelvis and causing severe internal injuries. Mark Sloane is with her as she dies and takes the opportunity to tell her that he never stopped loving her despite the two having already broken up. She breathes her last in the Season 8 finale when Christina and Meredith return: there is nothing to be done and no one can save her at this time.

Mark Sloane

Mark Sloane was also seriously injured in the plane crash due to serious chest injuries. Unlike Lexie, however, she does not die at the scene and viewers do not see her death until season ten episode 2. After undergoing several operations, Sloane is unable to recover from his injuries. He said he didn’t want another surgery if he didn’t see improvement within 30 days of ventilating. The decision was then made to stop the machines that kept him alive. Callie Torres and Derek Shepherd were with him when he died.

George O’Malley

George O’Malley was one of the show’s most beloved original characters. Tragedy struck in Season 5 Episode 23 when she saved a woman from being hit by a bus. In fact, the vehicle hit him instead of the woman: before dying he had received a lot of care from his colleagues, but the tragedy lies in the fact that on the operating table, he was so disfigured that his friends couldn’t recognize him. . It wasn’t until she traced her nickname, 007, on Meredith’s hand that they realized the tragic truth of the situation. Unfortunately, they failed to save him. All of this is shown in the opening scenes of the sixth season.

Derek Berger

Perhaps the mother character of the whole series and one of the most beloved. Fans had believed until the end that Meredith and Derek had finally found happiness and a happy ending to their love story. They were happily married, successful in their careers, had a beautiful home and two beautiful children. Sadly, Derek is killed in a head-on collision with a truck in Season 11 Episode 21. Watching Meredith turn off her husband’s survival car brought even the toughest of us to tears and marked the beginning of new seasons. from Grey’s Anatomy.

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