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Long live the national cinema! With each new year, the number of Brazilian productions only increases. Today we have even managed to export quality genre movies (like terror) all over the world. Not to mention our true box office champions. One of the big favorites of the public are the comedies, which have names like Leandro Hassum, Paulo Gustavo, Ingrid Guimarães, Mônica Martelli and Tatá Werneck of great representatives. Not to mention our real stars, people at the level of Wagner Moura, Selton Mello, Deborah Secco, Cléo Pires, Lázaro Ramos and Debora Falabella, for example, able to draw real crowds to theaters.

Here at CinePOP, we go back and forth, we post stories recalling the past and celebrating the works that complement our anniversary with a tribute. And why not revive the famous national productions? There is always a perfect opportunity for us to revisit certain films and learn how they behave after such a long time. Or even give that chance to a feature that we let pass on our radar, correcting such a slippage. Here, we will go back 10 years, to a time of great Brazilian launches. Find out below.

Bruna Surfistinha

Speaking of Deborah Secco, here the talented young actress delivered one of the best and bravest performances of her career, posing as a real famous call girl, giving her body and soul to the role. Controversial production because of its content (at least for the most conservative or hypocritical) the resonance of the work was so great that it ended up “preventing” the actress from living the hallowed Sister Dulce in the eponymous film of 2014, for which she was already cast, due to her image still very much associated with the subversive character. If I went there I wouldn’t have so many problems, but remember we live in a country that is still very backward. Bruna Surfistinha is based on Raquel Pacheco’s book, the real “surfistinha”, and marked her debut under the direction of Marcus Baldini – who would later deliver hits such as Os Homens São de Mars… And that’s where I go (2014) and Un almost double (2018). The success of the story and the film was so great that it ended up generating a new product, Bruna’s Fox Premium Me Chama series, which already has four seasons, and where the protagonist is now played by the actress. Maria Bopp.

The man of the future

Who says Brazil doesn’t invest in genre films? Here, fantasy and sci-fi mingle with comedy and romance in this feature film with touches from the Back to the Future trilogy as time travel approaches. In the film, our number one Hollywood star, Wagner Moura, plays scientist Zero. The subject never got over the loss of the love of his life, the beautiful Helena, role of the photogenic Alinne Moraes. Thus, through his latest creation, the protagonist manages to go back in time twenty years in the past, until 1991, and to try to restore his relationship. But the butterfly effect theory kicks in, rearranging its reality in the present when it returns. In screenplay and directing, creator Cláudio Torres, who had previously played with off-the-beaten-path possibilities in A Mulher Invisível (2009), continued to play the version of that film in the form of a television series. , and also the excellent Magnifique 70, from HBO.

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The clown

Selton Mello is definitely one of the best we have. National treasure, the young actor has a unique style of play and stands out when he embodies the typical trickster of our country, as in the already modern classics O Auto da Compadecida (2000) and Lisbela and Prisoner (2003). But the star also does very well in more serious roles, just check out her work in shows like The Mechanism and Therapy Session. Not to mention the moment he goes behind the cameras. This talent was revealed 10 years ago in this function. It’s fitting that his directorial debut was in Feliz Natal (2008), but the production is obscure and little known. In O Palhaço, Selton decided to star in his own movie and from there the appeal was much greater. Despite the title, it’s not a funny movie, and it more closely resembles the well-known concept of the “sad clown”. In the plot, written by himself, the actor lives in the clown Pangaré, unhappy with his circus profession and has decided to abandon his family to go in search of his true place in the world. Completely existential, it’s one of those films so beautiful it hurts your heart. And not least, this is one of our best productions of recent years.

Aggression against the Central Bank

Our country is very rich and has countless stories to tell, you just have to find the right path. With an air of overproduction of the detective genre – a type of film we love here too – we reported a plot so absurd it could only be real, very much like something from Woody Allen’s Trapaceiros (2000) movie. . A theft is planned at the central bank of Fortaleza, Ceará. And for this, a tunnel was dug in the basement of a house connecting the safe of the place. Who designed it all is the criminal Barão, lived by the great Milhem Cortaz, and the film also has a top-notch cast, like Eriberto Leão, Hermila Guedes and veterans Lima Duarte, Giulia Gam and Cássio Gabus Mendes. In the management, the late Marcos Paulo (also known as an actor) in his last work as a director, died the following year.


We follow the most varied real and incredible stories of our rich country, this one being very uplifting. A morning adventure, the film chronicles the journey of three brothers, the Villas Boas, played by João Miguel, Caio Blat and Felipe Camargo, who in the 1940s left to explore central Brazil and its intense jungles on an expedition, finding themselves facing unknown indigenous tribes and creating the largest indigenous reserve in the world, the Xingu National Park. Although it is full of misadventures and dangers, the real challenge of this trajectory is the interaction and the relationship of these very different men. Xingu marked the last film work as director, so far, of Cao Hamburger (Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum: The movie and the year my parents went on vacation). In the screenplay, another real master, the very prestigious Anna Muylaert (director of What Hours Does She Come Back? And Mother Only There One).

Sand captains

Want more iconic Brazilian pop culture on the big screen? We had 10 years ago. Based on the famous bestselling book by one of our best writers, Jorge Amado, the story of street children living under their own laws in Salvador, Bahia, in the 1950s, won theaters and quickly became l ‘one of the decoys from that year. And here we have taken the phrase from a family project literally, since in the commissioning and adaptation of the text we have no one other than Cecília Amado, the author’s granddaughter. Cecília is a well-known second unit director in the middle and here she has taken the next step in her career, assuming for the first time total direction of a feature film. Unfortunately, the artist did not venture into the role again, preferring to return to her comfortable position. The fact further demonstrates how personal and special the production was. A complete cycle.

Work tired

How about a horror movie to shake things up on the list. Mixed with drama, suspense, social and psychological terror, this feature film already shows all the talent of its directors and the line they would follow throughout their filmographies. Here we have the debut of the duo Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra in the cinema, which will move on to larger productions until culminating with the international success As Boas Maneiras (2017). Here, the duo at the beginning tell the story of Helena (Helena Albergaria), a young mother who decides to open her own business, a confectionery. So you need to hire a maid to take care of your daughter and the house. After the husband is fired, things start to change for the odd and the bizarre, mixing the wife’s suffering with psychological pressure and, perhaps, supernatural elements. A recurring theme in the work of filmmakers is the professional and human relationship that we maintain in our lives, especially between bosses and employees.


Closing the list, we have this film adaptation of a popular cable TV series starring Bruno Mazzeo, son of legendary Brazilian comedian Chico Anysio. With a focus on everyday situations in which we find ourselves trapped or disconcerted, Cilada was a great success for 6 seasons, in the mid-2000s. Thus, two years after the end of the program, the idea was brought to big screen, already making use of the possible prejudices of a life filmed and published online. In the plot, Bruno (Mazzeo) is caught cheating on his girlfriend when the video goes viral on the internet. The subject should now return to the image. The comedy featured a veritable parade of familiar faces in the cast, seeing Carol Castro, Fernanda Paes Leme, Alexandre Nero, Marcos Caruso, Fabiula Nascimento, Serjão Loroza and Dani Calabresa, but despite the success it ended, until present, not giving the expected result. franchise of movies with sequels. In directing, veteran José Alvarenga Jr. has gems in his resume, like several Trapalhões films from the 1980s and 1990s.

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