Godzilla Vs Kong | What “Kaijus” can appear in Clash of Monsters?



Godzilla vs Kong is one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the year and promises to bring to the screen the historic clash between the two biggest and most famous kaijus in cinema: Godzilla and King Kong. We still don’t know much about the plot, only that the lizard will do something and the human race will look to the Skull Island gorilla for help in stopping the King of the Monsters. Of course, the two titans who give the film its name are more than confirmed in this adventure. However, as seen in Godzilla II: King of the Monsters (2019), other kaijus are not only regenerating nature, but also continue to respond to orders from the radioactive lizard. Some of them are already known to the general public, while others, due to financial difficulties in negotiating the participation of other famous monsters, were created exclusively for this universe. Will they appear in this new titanic duel? Check!


Brazilian kaiju initially appears to attack Botafogo cove in Rio de Janeiro. Later, in the film’s final credits, it is revealed that he helped remove species such as the golden lion tamarin and the jaguar from the endangered animal list. Besides, of course, having started reforestation in the Amazon. Based on Mapinguari, he has a body similar to that of a giant sloth and a mammoth head, but without a trunk. Its greatest strength is the gigantic prey.


Hailing from an Arizona desert, Scylla is a mixture of crab and squid and also has a spider tip, based on the Greek legend of a sea monster who is the daughter of the giant Typhon, son of Gaia. Fans believe Scylla was created to replace Toho’s Kumonga. In the world of cinema, this little monster has become a virtual celebrity, entering Twitter’s Top-1 trending topics. As she expels liquid nitrogen from her body, she traveled to Antarctica, where she began remaking glaciers, stabilizing the global climate, stabilizing sea levels and preventing glaciers from melting.


Nicknamed Artie, Methuselah is German kaiju. This monster is a type of horned turtle that carries a huge forest on its back and limbs. Named after Methuselah, it has spent centuries camouflaged as a Canadian archipelago, where, according to legend, it carried survivors of natural disasters. Then he went to Munich, where he destroyed a village and remained for years in mountain disguise until he was discovered by Monarch and ended up being awakened by Ghidorah.

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Main Threats By Godzilla (2014), the name MUTO stands for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism. As said in the 2014 movie, this Titan is a radiation hunter. In other words, its natural role is to consume leaks and explosions from factories that have suffered nuclear accidents. However, since Godzilla killed both MUTOs in his first solo movie, the one who appears at the end of the second movie is a different individual. Or rather, a new individual. She has bigger fins and, according to the director, she is nothing less than the “queen of MUTO”.


Introduced in Kong: Skull Island (2017), Skullcrawlers are an ancestral race of reptiles that inhabited the basement of Skull Island until they engaged in a deadly war against surface primates, the ancestors of Kong. This war almost drove the two species to extinction, leading King Kong to be the last giant primate in his line, while other Skullcrawlers live on the island. Ah, it’s important to remember that this species is not considered a Titan, but a Kaiju. She would have to be taller and older to be considered a Titan. Its main feature is the two swift arms and the large mouth. Resistant to atmospheres with poisonous gases, this breed already shows a quarrel between gorilla and lizards.


Classic Toho, Rodan was the only monster in society besides Godzilla to survive the events of the second film. In the original films, he was once a rival, but he was also an ally of the King of the Monsters, sacrificing himself so that his friend could defeat MechaGodzilla. Gigantic, Rodan resembles a horned pterosaur and resembles a hawk. He is able to spit and manipulate fire, causing much destruction and being considered an ancient Latin entity.


After the events of the second Godzilla film, Ghidorah was brutally defeated by the fusion of Godzilla and Mothra. But the post-credit scene shows eco-terrorist Alan Jonah (Charles Dance) having access to one of the severed heads of the alien electric Titan. In the Toho universe, MechaGhidorah is built on the base of Ghidorah’s defeated corpse with the addition of robotic parts, including a cybernetic head. It’s quite possible that he will appear in Godzilla vs Kong and even be the greatest villain in history.


Queen Mothra appeared, shone, sacrificed herself, and saved Godzilla by imparting her life energy and radiance to the King of the Monsters to destroy Ghidorah. However, even though she died, an egg was found which is probably hers. Mothra, a giant butterfly, came from China and is associated with the natural cycle of the environment. Its relationship with life and death is always represented as a benign entity, capable of living with human beings without massacring them. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she returned or a new version of her hatched to help the Titans.

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Godzilla vs Kong opens April 1, 2021.

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