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The Godzilla vs Kong trailer came out last Sunday and left fans in an uproar. Some more attentive, even, noticed a detail that gives something to talk about on the internet: the supposed presence of Toho’s classic villain, Mechagodzilla, who would be the great threat of the film and who would probably unite the two Titans for a finale. fight against him. With the character being better known in Japan and the United States than in Brazil, check out this article to learn more about Mechagodzilla’s story.

Released in 1974, in the movie Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla, the villain quickly achieved iconic status in Japanese pop culture. He has five appearances in Toho’s films and, according to the company itself, Mechagodzilla is the King of the Monsters’ second biggest rival, just behind Ghidorah. Well, in the plot of the 1974 film, three primate-like aliens are studying ways to conquer Earth. After analyzing the destruction in Tokyo, they conclude that the best way to have humanity at their feet is with a Godzilla named theirs. However, the creatures of the planet Black Hole realize that you cannot tame the monster, so they decide to build a robotic version of the creature.

Godzilla helps King Cesar to take down the iron monster.

Armed with lasers in his eyes, missiles in his fingers and a very powerful chest cannon, the Mechagodzilla is sent to Earth with synthetic skin to make Kaijus and people believe he is Godzilla himself. However, after a collision with Anguirius, the fake skin is destroyed and the titanium space monster has its true identity revealed. He continues his journey of destruction until he meets the original Godzilla, who, accompanied by Kaiju Rei Cesar, manages to destroy him using his radioactive explosion. The robot’s skeleton falls into a river in Okinawa, from where it would be saved years later to be rebuilt even bigger and more powerful.

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In the 1990s, the robot sort of underwent a reboot and took on the air of a savior. In Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II, the Iron Giant emerges as a response from humanity, who, exhausted at seeing Tokyo being destroyed every two weeks by the Kaiju, unite their efforts and scientists to build a weapon powerful enough to take on the giant monsters and defeat Godzilla. In this version, the Mechagodzilla gains several upgrades, such as a propeller that allows it to fly, giant cannons, and the ability to absorb Godzilla’s radioactive blast and convert it into a plasma beam that it shoots at the opponent. . The challenge this time was so great that the King of the Monsters could only overcome it with the sacrifice of Rodan.

The Mechagodzilla scene in Player Nº1 was the first contact of many young people with the character.

Released in 2019, the movie Player Nº1 brought the first American adaptation of Mechagodzilla. In the final battle, plot villain Nolan Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn) uses his credits in the video game Oasis to acquire Mechagodzilla and use it in an attempt to defeat the heroes. With a steampunk look, the robot appears to mimic the appearance of the current Godzilla in theaters, in addition to having the fingered missiles and the radioactive explosion. He fights an epic battle against a Gundam and the Iron Giant, but ends up being defeated nonetheless.

As of last Sunday, however, the rumor that Mechagodzilla could be part of Godzilla vs. Kong has started to gain momentum, as fans believe the frame above shows a metallic Godzilla. This rumor started in 2020, when the official toys for the movie were leaked, which confirmed the similarity in sizes of Godzilla and Kong, the ax carried by the gorilla made with a bone plate from Godzilla and … A silver doll in the shape of Godzilla, but it looked a lot like a metal skeleton of the Monster King. Another point that works in favor of this fan theory is that, as this article shows, Godzilla never managed to beat Mechagodzilla on his own. He always relied on the help or even the sacrifice of another Kaiju to beat the rival.

According to fan theory, Doctor Serizawa’s son (Ken Watanabe) was building a robotic version of Godzilla, which has been the subject of study and idolatry by his father throughout his life. Only that the high doses of radiation would irritate the lizard, which would disembark to vent its anger against the double iron. Seeing the monster’s wrath, humanity uses Kong, who responds to a little girl, to cut down wood on the rival. However, in the end, the Mechagodzilla would be revealed as a threat and the two would unite to reduce the robot to dust. It would be interesting to see this, especially after countless scenes of candid exchanges between the Titans, since everyone will be watching this movie exclusively to see this, and a lot of irresponsible destruction.

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Godzilla vs Kong will open on March 26, 2021 in the United States, while Brazil will only be able to find out on May 20, 2021.

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