‘Glee’ cast pays tribute after one year of actress Naya Rivera’s death



It’s been a year since Naya Rivera tragically bid farewell to the world after disappearing in Lake Piru, California, while taking a day off with her son.

And her “Glee” friends and castmates shared beautiful tributes to the actress, to remember her successful trajectory and celebrate her significance despite her unexpected and painful farewell.

Across Instagram, actors Chris Colfer, Matthew Morrison, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley and even Lea Michelle have shared their tributes.

Actress Heather Morris took it a step further and got a tattoo in honor of Rivera.


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“Glee” was created by Ryan Murphy and ran for six seasons, initially airing between 2009 and 2015.

In the plot, Professor Will Schuester reactivates his school’s Glee group and tries to teach his students to express themselves through music.

The production comprised 121 episodes and starred Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Darren Criss, Dianna Agron, Heather Morris and Matthew Morrison.

Think back to the career of the actress, in this article written by journalist Laysa Zanetti.

Known to a whole generation of young adults as Santana Lopez (of Lima Heights, Adjacent), actress, singer and writer Naya Rivera leaves behind a legacy that lives on in a character who has often overshadowed her own series. “Glee” may have been the role that propelled the Californian to international success, but before Ryan Murphy’s musical made her change so many lives of people trying to discover and understand each other, Rivera was already shining on small screens since his childhood. Therefore, CinePOP remembers his career and his main moments as a way to pay tribute to him after his sad death.

childhood and adolescence

Born January 12, 1987, Naya started out on television like most children: in commercials. But she quickly switched to fiction, and at the age of 4 landed a role on the CBS sitcom “The Royal Family”, which ran from 1991 to 1992. In the plot, co – Created by Eddie Murphy, Naya played Hilary Winston, and the story begins when recently divorced Elizabeth returns to her parents with her three children — Curtis, Kim, and Hillary herself. Thus, Al and Victoria, who have always struggled so much to get their children out of the house, end up relapsing into a hectic life full of children and adolescents with their daughters and grandchildren.

Despite the short lifespan of 15 episodes, the attraction was enough to propel young Naya to remain active in the acting world, even at such a young age. Until adolescence, she cumulates appearances, albeit brief, in series such as ‘A Madman in the Piece’, ‘Family Matters’, The Simbad Show, Live Shot, ‘SOS Malibu’ and ‘Genius of Noise’. .

In 2002, Naya appeared in the music video for the song ‘Why I Love You’, by the now-defunct boy group B2K, and in the same year a small appearance in ‘Bernie Mac, Um Tio da Pesada’ appeared. extended to 10 other sporadic. episodes until 2006.

During this time, Naya performed in Mark E. Swinton’s play U Don’t Know Me: The Musical, both in Los Angeles and on the nationwide tour. The story follows three young people – Nick, Alonzo and Shalon – who have spent their entire lives in temporary homes, and decide to face the expectations and to New York, winning every challenge that passes.

Between auditions and temp jobs, Naya Marie Rivera was cast for a comedy series on Fox in 2009. When no one knew Glee would become hit, Naya was cast to play cheerleader Santana Lopez, a cool youngster. naughty woman who walks everywhere with her best friend, Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris) and the boss bitch, the frontman of the trio, Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron). Santana’s determined and competitive air quickly gained a following – as did her relationship with Brittany and the ship that would come to be known as Brittana – and from season two Rivera became one of the regular members. of distribution. In the spotlight was his place.

Santana’s importance and relevance to the story will change dramatically after her sexuality is revealed and her difficulty dating as a lesbian. The relationship with Brittany was a fan favorite, and being described as one of the main couples on the show – with marriage rights at the end and all – was celebrated as one of the big events.

While the days on Glee weren’t always wonderful – and the behind-the-scenes plot has always managed to resurface – Rivera has starred in some of the show’s most famous musical numbers, such as Rumor Has It / Someone. Like You, Valerie, Me Against the Music, in addition to having recorded La Isla Bonita with Ricky Martin.

After the show’s 3rd season, Santana’s participation declined, as did the rest of the main cast, but she is credited with 113 of the show’s 121 episodes. The character begins attending the University of Kentucky, but ends up moving to New York City with Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele), where he makes several attempts to launch a career, partnering with Mercedes (Amber Riley) in as Rachel’s agent, and ends up being selected to be the poster for a cream brand. One of the highlights of the series finale is her marriage to Brittana, which takes place in episode 8 of season 6.

Also in 2011, Naya signed a contract with Columbia Records to launch her solo career and released the single “Sorry” in 2013. In 2014, her big screen debut was the horror “Na Porta do Diabo”, which aired for the first time. time on the South by Southwest festival with an average reception.

In 2016, Rivera published the memoir “Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes and Growing Up”, in which she tells the story of her career and the wrongs and behind-the-scenes successes of “Glee”. In the book, she details her disagreement with Lea Michele and reveals that she had an abortion in 2010.

Also in 2015, Rivera made a five-episode appearance on the lifetime series ‘Devious Maids’, but returned to a recurring role in 2018 when she was cast for the television series ‘Step Up: High Water’, a derived from ‘She Dances, I Dance’ which recently migrated from YouTube to the Starz channel. In the plot, she played Collette Jones, administrator of the High Water School of Dramatic Arts.

Naya Rivera died at the age of 33, victim of a tragic drowning. The actress went for a swim with her son, Josey, in Lake Piru in Southern California. She rented a boat at 1 p.m. local time and was due to return 3 hours later. As she did not return, the team went out looking for her and found the child alone on the boat. Josey, who was wearing a life jacket, told authorities he went swimming with his mother, but she did not return.

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