‘Gladiator 2’: the streak could have Chris Hemsworth as the protagonist



‘Gladiator’ was a big hit with critics and audiences alike, in addition to winning several awards, including the Oscar for Best Picture in 2001.

And according to New Idea magazine, Chris Hemsworth could work with star Russell Crowe to produce a sequel.

Rumors began to circulate after they were seen having lunch together in Sydney, during the recording sessions of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘.

For years, rumors point to a chase without the return of Maximus (Crowe), as he dies in the dying moments of the original.

However, with the addition of Hemsworth, the story can focus on Maximus’ son, originally played by Giorgio Cantarini.

The magazine also reported that:

“Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky has always joked that he and Russell could easily pass for father and son – and Russell believes Hemsworth is the only man who could credibly play his son in the sequel.”

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In the two decades since the film’s release, several narratives have emerged around the new film, one of which argues that Maximus secretly had a son with Lucila (Connie Nielsen), and that this son is none other than Lucius (Spencer Treat Clark), Comôdo’s nephew (Joaquin Phoenix).

If the initiative between Hemsworth and Crowe is true, the star of the ‘Thor’ franchise could experience the adult version of Lucius.

What do you think of the idea?

Last year, producer Doug Wick spoke about ‘Gladiator 2’ during an interview with THR and guaranteed that the sequel wouldn’t be in the shadow of the original, which came out 20 years ago.

“Our biggest challenge is the Ridley Scott program [diretor do original], he’s very busy, but is thrilled to be directing the new movie. From the start he was very interested in the project and wants to do something as big as the original. We would never plan a sequel in the shadow of the original. ”

Wick also said that screenwriter Peter Craig is adjusting script details, which is the hardest part of the production so far.

“In addition to the Ridley program, we face the difficulties of creating the screenplay written by Peter [Craig]. Like any good movie, “Gladiator” broke new ground and became a benchmark. How can we repeat this? We have to take everything that made the movie a success and rethink it to put a new take on the plot, and it’s really difficult.

Sources indicate that Paramount will be the studio that will develop the project and Universal will have the option of being a co-financier.

Launched in 2000, “Gladiator” received 11 Oscar nominations and five statuettes, including Best Picture and Best Actor.

A box office success, the feature film grossed $ 460.5 million worldwide on a budget of $ 103 million.

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