Girl insulted in Florence because she is Neapolitan



“I suffered a serious episode of racism.” So begins the video that a young Neapolitan woman posted on her TikTok channel. The girl says she visited the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. And in fact, behind her, one of the corridors of the museum appears. As she was queuing at the bar, she reports, she was insulted by another young visitor who allegedly pushed her and then addressed insulting phrases to her about her Neapolitan origins. The Neapolitan tourist in a frame of her video

The girl, a young English teacher, says she felt dizzy because of the excessively hot day. “After climbing a few flights of stairs, I was not well. I wanted to ask where the bar was and tried to queue for information. A girl gave me a thumbs up thinking I wanted to get over it.” At this point, the offensive phrases would have come: “You Neapolitans don’t have to come here.”

Florence, a young girl insulted because she is Neapolitan: the response of the Uffizi Gallery

The girl had a strong reaction, so much so that she was also called “rude” by her interlocutor. “I shouldn’t have, but it was pure instinct. She approached me again and told me that the Neapolitans should not go north. Right now my hands are shaking, maybe I should have reacted differently but I can’t because it’s pure racism. I couldn’t pass up.” The Uffizi, via its TikTok account, responds to the video posted by the woman: “RitaLady, next time you come to the Uffizi, report any issues to our staff in the hall. Many of our collaborators, among others, are bells.”

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