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“Ginevra Lamborghini Back Home” Storm at GF Vip: What’s Happening



“Ginevra Lamborghini back in the house”, storm at GF Vip: what is happening. One of the protagonists could return to popular acclaim

His fans do not want to give up on his exit from the most spied house in Italy. During these hours, they launched a hashtag on Twitter to bring him back into the game on the reality show Mediaset.

Geneva LamborghiniGinevra Lamborghini (Facebook)

It was the first big deal to set this edition of Big Brother Vip on fire. Ginevra Lamborghini was disqualified by GF Vip 7 for legitimizing bullying. In a world increasingly attentive to form and communication, the words of Elettra’s sister did not go unnoticed. Such a delicate question cannot have a negative resonance as it happened in reality TV. The convictions in question concerned another competitor, namely Marco Bellavia.

More specifically, the words spoken are: “He deserves to be intimidated”. A shocking statement to which the authors could not turn a blind eye. It is precisely for this reason that they decided to exclude him directly from the game, without the possibility of appeal. No television reviews of the studio, but a nice and good disqualification.

Many, including viewers and competitors, have found the right measure, also as a lesson for new generations. However, there is someone who decided to oppose and express his contradictory idea.

GF Vip, fans are with Ginevra Lamborghini: “We want her to come home”

Geneva LamborghiniGinevra Lamborghini with Alfonso Signorini (Facebook)

Lamborghini fans, for example, sent the hashtag “GinevraDentro” on Twitter. The reason explained by one of the parties involved is as follows:

“Last night’s disqualification was not accepted and her supporters would still love her in the house, not tolerating that only she was sent off and no other contestants were also involved.”

“Of the various roommates, Charlie, Wilma and Gegia are still inside but their behavior was worse than Ginevra’s words, used as a sacrifice for cyberbullies,” some say on social media.

Although there is this popular motion from several viewers, it is unlikely that the production will decide to reverse their decision. The disqualification should remain so in the coming days and for Ginevra Lamborghini the reality show is now over.

To support her, however, not only the fans, but also one of her colleagues in the Chamber. Antonino Spinalbese has indeed expressed his disagreement with the choice made. Speaking in the garden with Cristina, Edoardo and Daniele, he did not hide his point of view.

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