Gianni Sperti, crazy about one of the professionals of Amici: her jealous husband



Gianni Sperti was literally smitten by one of the dancers from Amici di Maria De Filippi, the father of all talent. The regular columnist of the dating show Canale 5 could not resist commenting on a post published on Social.

In recent years we have come to know Gianni Sperti better in the role of commentator on the program Hommes et Femmes, always ahead of the sentimental dynamics and ready to discover possible disappointments. An intuition that struck Maria De Filippi, who immediately understood how he could bring something more to the afternoon program, so loved by Italians, especially the most romantic.

Gianni Sperti Solocine.it

We remember, however, that Gianni Sperti entered the vast world of entertainment as a dancer, then became a leading actor in many television shows including Buon Domenica. Dancing, despite the change of job, has always remained his great love and, unsurprisingly, we find one of the well-known faces of Amici who has been working for years with great skill and enormous professionalism in this area to capture His attention.

He has always protected his privacy

After saying goodbye to Paola Barale, competitor of Dancing with the Stars, Gianni Sperti has always protected his private life “tooth and nail” by not confirming any of the rumors launched over the years by the various pink magazines. At the moment – therefore – it is not clear if there is someone in the life of the dancer and television commentator. However, it seems that to make his heart beat faster there is one of the most famous and beloved faces of the Amici di Maria De Filippi program. But who is it? Who is she? You all know…

Francesca Tocca sent it haywire

We are talking about Francesca Tocca, and the confirmation of what has just been said can be found in a post shared on Instagram. Yes, the woman, current wife of Raimondo Todaro, caught the attention of the Web and also of Gianni Sperti through the publication of a snapshot. In the post in question, we find the dancer in a black and white diptych with a very sensual pose and an air that clearly sent boys of all ages into a spin, including him!

Francesca Tocca and the shot admired by Sperti Solocine.it

The latter is a decidedly breathtaking combination, to the point of leaving even the reviewer speechless. Unsurprisingly, Gianni Sperti immediately commented on the snap shared by Francesca Tocca with something very simple like a red heart, but hinting at how much he appreciates it. And what will his lovely wife think of all this?

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