Giancarlo Esposito and other actors join the cast of the series “Magnatas do Crime”



“Crime Tycoons,” a series based on Guy Ritchie’s film of the same name, has added new actors to its cast. They include Vinnie Jones, Kaya Scodelario (‘Resident Evil’), Peter Serafinowicz (‘The Tick’), Daniel Ings (‘I Hate Suzie’), Joely Richardson (‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’) and the ‘Breaking Bad’ star ‘, Giancarlo Esposito.

The show, which stars Theo James, follows Eddie Halstead, an heir to an estate discovering he’s at the top of Mickey Pearson’s legendary marijuana empire. Does he have what it takes to master the tricks of the British underworld and take control of the entire operation?

In the original film, Mickey Pearson was played by Matthew McConaughey. With Miramax production, filming is expected to begin in London soon.

Ritchie is the director of the first two episodes of the series, in addition to being an executive producer. He also co-wrote the script for the pilot episode with Matthew Read.

The film was not a huge box office or critical success, grossing just over $115 million worldwide (on a $22 million budget) and receiving mixed reviews from critics.

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Set in London, “Crime Tycoons” solidifies Ritchie’s return to his criminal roots.

Matthew McConaughey plays Mickey Pearson, an American expat who successfully opens a marijuana-selling operation in the English town affectionately known as “Maria Joana.” When it is learned that he is trying to profit from the business forever, it triggers plots, schemes, bribes and blackmail in an effort to steal his empire. That means hostile encounters with the mobster (Henry Golding), gunfights, and explanatory narration from a brooding Hugh Grant.

Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery and Colin Farrell rounded out the cast.

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