‘Ghostbusters: But Além’ surprises at the box office, but has a SHORT start as the 2016 reboot



Success! “Ghostbusters: Beyond” surprised at the North American box office, with an incredible $ 44 million earned in its first weekend.

The result is well above initial projections, which indicated a start of around US $ 28-35 million in the country. Plus, the new movie almost had the franchise’s biggest debut, behind the 2016 reboot, which grossed $ 46 million in its first weekend.

However, the reboot was hugely rejected and criticized by the public and critics alike, dropping dramatically in the weeks that followed. “Ghostbusters: Beyond” is set to shine in the coming weeks, especially after gaining a 96% audience approval rating.

Internationally, the feature grossed US $ 16 million, making a solid world debut of US $ 60 million.

Remember that the production is already screened in national cinemas!

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Criticism | Ghostbusters: Beyond is the PERFECT sequel the franchise deserves!

In addition to directing, Jason Reitman also helped write the screenplay with Gil Kenan (“Poltergeist”).

In the plot, a single mother and her two children arrive in a small town and begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters, as well as the secret legacy left by their grandfather.

Finn Wolfhard (‘It: The Thing’), Mckenna Grace (‘The Curse of Hill Residence’), Carrie Coon (‘The Sinner’) and Paul Rudd (‘Avengers: Ultimatum’) stars. The cast also includes the return of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Annie Potts and Sigourney Weaver.

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