GF Vip, the new entry reveals everything and eliminates the risks: irreversible decision – VIDEO



One of the newcomers has broken one of the strict GF Vip rules so much that he calls for immediate disqualification

Reality TV is very strict in respecting the rules and in all likelihood his attitude will be severely sanctioned by disqualification. What the new entry did is not allowed at all, indeed, very serious.


Every day from the management they remind the vipponi to keep the microphones on them, not to evade them and to be as transparent as possible vis-à-vis the viewers at home. Edoardo Tavassi not only removed the microphone, but what he said is of a seriousness that cannot go unpunished by the GF Vip. The video of what Vippone did immediately spread on Twitter, falling into the same “trap” as Oriana Marzioli who a few weeks ago spoke with Antonino Spinalbese and Alberto De Pisis.

In particular, Edoardo Tavassi, in dialogue with Edoardo Donnamaria, brought him some information from outside. Guendalina’s brother reports that he has seen the like rankings with relative percentages for each of the Vipponi who have been inside the house from the start. In the same speech, therefore, Edoardo also introduces Roma and the Europa League – of which both are fans – no doubt to pretend to divert the subject from the increasingly curious questions of his adventure companion.

Does Edoardo Tavassi risk disqualification? The video that connects it

Tavassi reports endorsement ranking just before entry
Pt1#donnalisi #GFvip #grandefratellovip7 pic.twitter.com/qlFzJwkJba

— 🥀SallyCamminaPerStrada (@IFedrigos) November 18, 2022

With some linguistic subterfuge, Edoardo Tavassi attempts to fully account for the ranking of public appreciation for the vipponi inside the house. In addition, Guendalina’s brother was particularly targeted by the web after having exposed his strategy for the next episodes to Donnamaria: his idea is to kill Nikita and George because they are actually the strongest at the moment.

A canvas in turmoil after the words of Tavassi which were, rightly, badly received. As if that were not enough, their speech is not at all approved by the rules which perfectly state that it is not acceptable to report information from the outside, unless Big Brother himself decides it. , as was the case with the death of Diego Armando Maradona.

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