GF Vip, sudden mourning for the competitor: the announcement is heartbreaking



The GF Vip contestant, now known to the general public, announced the tragic loss of his family, with a very moving message

Moments of sudden pain for a Big Brother Vip attendee. But it is not one of the competitors of the current edition, number 7, but a now public figure who has competed in the recent past.

Mourning at GF Vip (web source)

We refer to Andrea Zenga. The young man took part in GF Vip 5, where he also met his current partner: Rosalinda Cannavò, who in recent weeks has become popular as a competitor in Tale and Which Show on Rai Uno.

Zenga has made it public that she is in mourning. The former footballer has indeed said goodbye to his great affection, namely his maternal grandmother Gianna. A painful disappearance that literally tormented the son of art.

Farewell to Grandma Gianna: the announcement and remembrance of Andrea Zenga and Rosalinda Cannavò

“Hi grandma, keep shining from above, I love you!” – wrote Andrea Zenga to remember the woman who just disappeared. The former GF Vip 5 contestant also posted a photo with her grandmother and mother Roberta.

His fiancée Rosalinda Cananvò also passed very sweet words in memory of his partner’s grandmother: “Hello grandmother Gianna. I had the pleasure of meeting you, I would have liked to see you more. You will remain in my heart. Much strength to grandfather. I know that, on the other hand, you will be an angel who will watch over all his affections”.

In another story on Instagram, the Sicilian actress sent a message of strength to her boyfriend for the grief she is experiencing: “There with you. Always…in good times and in the most difficult. To be the strength of the other “.

Another moment therefore of great sadness for the Zenga family, even if in different tones compared to the gossip that exploded long ago, when the eldest son of former footballer Walter, or Jacopo Zenga, married in big secret with its Marina Crialesi.

A singular and brittle choice, given that no member of the family had been invited to the wedding, not even Andrea Zenga with whom Jacopo still maintains very good relations.

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