GF Vip, resounding ‘no’ to Signorini: he wants the Island of the Famous



If 6 of them have said yes and are about to enter, a resounding ‘no’ comes to the door of the GF Vip with Signorini speechless

When you really want one reality show rather than another, you can afford the luxury of saying “no” to a character like Signorini. This is what happened for the last edition of Big Brother VIP.

Alfonso Signorini dismissed without appeal (Mediaset screenshot)

From Casa Pipol there are rumors about Dayane Mello who refused the GF Vip, having already been there, but admitting to preferring something else. It is in particular Gabriele Parpiglia who reveals the details of the conversation between the former gieffina and the production: “Dayane, even if not very nice, said no to GF Vip […] Since she didn’t like the casting of Big Brother Vip, as she said herself, she didn’t spare herself saying that she would like another casting which is not there yet but as an experience and program that she knows very well, which is the island of the Famous. So, don’t be surprised if we see in the cast of the next Ile de la Célèbre Dayane Mello”.

That of Mello is the first name that emerges for the Island of the Famous which, as usual, will start after the GF Vip.

Dayane Mello says “no” to Signorini: the island is in his dreams

A pensive Dayane Mello in a social media snapshot (Instagram photo)

These days begin the casting of the Island of the Famous which will begin once the GF Vip is finished.

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