GF Vip, no entry in the house because of Sun: incredible background



During this edition of the GF Vip a new competitor would have missed the entry only because of Soleil Sorge: the background.

An incredible twist hit GF Vip 7. In fact, in the last few hours an entry to the Cinecittà house would have been skipped because of Soleil Sorge: the latest in Canale 5 reality TV.

Soleil Sorge blows up an entrance to the house (via WebSource)

Big Brother Vip is ready to welcome new competitors inside the house. Among these new competitors there should also have been Luca Onestini, former tronista of Men and Women 2016-2017, who at the end of the throne chose Soleil Sorge. The relationship between the two, however, was cut short after Luca saw her with fellow tronista Marco Cartasegna. Onestini’s entry into the Cinecittà house had caused a lot of noise, but unfortunately it will not be there in the end.

To report the sensational indiscretion, we thought of the web portal Blogtivvu. In fact, it was Luca who would have liked to avoid the confrontation in the Chamber with the former historian Soleil Sorge, who unlike him was rather confirmed in the game of the Vippos last year. For gallantry, Onesitini had given way to Soleil by deserting the chance to participate in Big Brother Vip 6, to confirm his second commitment to the game of the House this year. However, even this year the tronista wanted to avoid confrontation with the historic ex.

GF Vip, skips Luca Onestini’s entry: avoids confrontation with Soleil Sorge

Influencer Luca Onestini in a 2019 archive photo, taken in Milan (source: Instagram).

This year too, therefore, Luca Onestini preferred to avoid face to face with Soleil Sorge. Indeed, while he is expected as a new entry in the House, she is the helmsman of the parallel web format of reality TV, the GF Vip Party, which she leads in tandem with the other former vip of Big Brother, Pierpaolo Pretelli.

Now, there are so many fans wondering what could happen now, that the two exes aren’t far behind. Indeed, more and more viewers would be willing to enjoy a live tune-up. In the meantime, the relationship between the two would be said to be rocky, also because the two do not follow each other on Instagram via social networks. The detail obviously for many testifies that there is still a bit of conflict between the two despite the years that have passed since the breakup.

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