Gf Vip, immediate return for one of the excluded VIPs: surreal twist



We all know the scandal that hit Big Brother Vip in recent days. Alfonso Signorini and the automaker are said to be working to get one of the excluded VIPs back in the studio, however, who was unable to give his version of events during Monday’s live broadcast.

Monday night’s episode, led by a very angry and disappointed Alfonso Signorini, reached remarkable sharing heights. The whole evening was devoted to the deplorable way that most of the tenants of the house reserved for a competitor who then ended up retiring.

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We are of course talking about Marco Bellavia, marginalized and protected by his fellow adventurers (not all of them fortunately) because of his problems with anxiety and depression. The public has risen up against these individuals and they are all in favor of Marco. It looks like a twist on this story could already be happening in the coming days. Immediate return for the vip?

The serious fact of bullying in the Casa del Gf Vip

It all started when a contestant, Marco Bellavia, said he had suffered from depression and anxiety for years. Hence the worst of the worst. Since then, Bellavia has received nothing but teasing, exclusions and little disrespectful treatment towards him. All this, after his retirement, cost the disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini and the elimination of Giovanni Ciacci, the two most insipid gieffini towards him. Obviously there would also be others to eliminate, Gegia first. Despite the encouragement of the only three members of the house who were at her side, Antonella Fiordelisi, Luca Salatino and George Ciupilan, Bellavia preferred to leave and return home to her son who was waiting for her with open arms.

Could Marco Bellavia return to the Big Brother House?

During Monday’s episode, where Signorini reserved very strong words for the competitors of the Gf Vip, Marco Bellavia was not present in the studio, because he was not yet well. It is precisely for this reason that Signorini and company try to recover it, even if only temporarily inside the house.

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It is not known whether in the studio, in the confessional or remotely from his home, in order to give him the opportunity to give his opinion on everything that has happened. For now there are no other details, we will not have to do is wait for the next episodes. What is certain is that Bellavia is recovering, as he himself communicated in a video with his son:

“Hello, I’m alive. Aware. Decentered (but still briefly) but above all loved”.

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