GF Vip, contestant decided: Monday he will leave the house



Sometimes homelessness becomes unbearable and for him it’s been since day one: another goodbye to GF Vip

He announced his retirement for Monday to his roommates, this Cinecittà house keeps losing pieces in the street. The situation became unbearable for him and he decided he could not continue.


The last days in the GF Vip house are not as peaceful as expected. To upset the daily life of the Vippos, in fact, there is the Covid positivity of Patrizia Rossetti, Charlie Gnocchi, Luca Onestini and Attilio Romita who had to temporarily leave the house and cancel the televote. Who wants to come out of his own free will is Luca Salatino who, according to him, could no longer remain within the four walls of Cinecittà.

It is since he made his entrance that the former troniste begins to cry the lack of home, in particular the way of Soraya whom he has just brought out of Maria De Filippi’s show, Men and Women. If after a meeting with her, things seemed to be able to get back on track, it would seem that the situation has become intolerable for the competitor.

Luca Salatino has decided: on Monday he will leave the house of the GF Vip


In another moment of despair, surrounded by tears and consoled by Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria, Luca Salatino confessed that he wanted to leave. During yesterday afternoon, the former tronista disappeared for a long time to the point of suggesting that he had already left the house yesterday or that, perhaps, he had tested positive for Covid. None of this, for a long time indeed, the gieffino was in the confessional probably to let off steam with the production and confess his impatience within reality TV which has visibly become suffocating.

Talking with his adventure companions, Luca Salatino admitted that Monday – so tomorrow – he will go. Will he talk and leave the GF Vip’s house? This edition is, from time to time, overtaken by bad news and with the former tronista it would be the third withdrawal for this year from reality TV.

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