GF Vip, Antonino Spinalbese exhausted wants to leave the house: the reason for the crisis



The GF Vip this year is losing pieces in the street and another competitor is ready to come out: Antonino Spinalbese can’t take it anymore

Two abandonments, a disqualification and an elimination from the flash televote: when will this reality show really begin without slippages and almost insurmountable obstacles? The barber is also determined to abandon ship.


Yesterday a new episode of GF Vip was broadcast, at the center of which there was also Antonino Spinalbese in his relationship with Ginevra Lamborghini who was disqualified the last episode. Speaking of this, the Milanese hairdresser showed his disappointment with the matter, especially since some measures – according to him – should also have been taken against other Vippos. In particular, Antonino made an accusation against Gegia: “The intention that Geneva had was different, Gegia’s is another and if such a thing is to be punished, she said things with a harsher intention. So someone has to name him.”

Last night’s nominations were another bloodshed – not too dissimilar to those that plunged Marco Bellavia into crisis – after which there was much discontent among the Vippos. The same hairdresser confessed that he had great difficulty living in this house again.

Is Antonino Spinalbese leaving? The Vippone has now reached its limit

Words from Belen Rodriguez’s ex-boyfriend (Via Websource)

Homelessness, the departure from Geneva and the heavy climate at home: Antonino Spinalbese seems to have reached the limit. Although Lamborghini asked him to stay inside as long as possible, the hairdresser reflects on it: “I guess I can’t do it before Monday. Am I staying here long? Listen, I’m sincere. I haven’t had any problems so far. I had found my habitat in it”.

In addition, as the most attentive viewers had noticed, a great complicity had been created between Antonino and Ginevra which led the hairdresser to say something very strong: “Now, however, things have changed without her. We would be sure to take you out. Let’s say it’s like they’re taking your job, it’s a big hit, guys.

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